Sauwmi and Julian

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How We Met

We came to know of each other through an online platform. We had this website where university students could connect with students across the country. I was the moderator for the website, and Julian was one of the users. Funny enough we both went to University of Toronto. I knew who he was, but we never spoke, except for a few odd times where he messaged me for advice regarding university (we found this out after we started dating lol I had no idea we even spoke prior to us actually becoming friends).

He ended up becoming friends with my university best friend, Lina (another coincidence, he went to high school with Lina, they didn’t know of each other back then). Eventually, when the website died down everyone switched to Facebook group-chats, I was added into one by my friend Lina. This was the formal introduction to Julian, and his humour and silliness captured my attention immediately.

Our mutual on-line group of friends would skype, and one day I decided to join at the request of Lina. I joined around 11pm, and Julian was sleeping on camera, and I found it to be the most hilarious thing ever! (he fell asleep quite often during our group Skype sessions, and always with his feet pointing the camera lol)

I organized a get together to watch a FIFA game, and it was to meet these awesome people and a good excuse to finally meet Julian in-person because I had tiny little crush on him. When I walked in to the bar, and caught a glimpse of him I screamed “JULIAN” and ran to hug him. (He tells me that I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw him and that my face lit up when I saw him)

From thereon we became really good friends, actually best friends. We clicked immediately, and he would come over to my place to jog with me (we met during the summer of 2014, so the weather was perfect for running). I hate running, I mean I HATE it, but I told him I wanted to start jogging just to see him and spend time with him. This was the best excuse to get to know him, and spend time with him.

One day I suggested to him that we should go to Canada’s Wonderland for Labour Day. I wanted to spend an entire day with him to see how we mesh. I also planned on telling him that night on our way home that I really like him and would really like to take our friendship to the next level. Towards end of the day I got really anxious and decided not to go forth with my plan to tell him. On our way home I was rambling on about relationships, he cut me off and told me the girl he really liked was me. I was shocked, because he really liked some girl and would talk about her randomly, and I always hoped it was me, but figured it just couldn’t be. So, I was taken off-guard. You would think I would of said, “OMG I like to you too!”, what I said instead was, “I don’t know if i I can be in a relationship right now, I need time to think” (*facepalm*).

I turned him down because I came out of a really bad relationship shortly before and was too scared to be committed to someone again.

Two weeks after I turned him down (we were still best of friends), I came around to the idea of a relationship, and asked him if I could be his girlfriend. He was surprised because leading up to that day I was giving him such a hard time, lol, I was very hot and cold while trying to figure out what I wanted to do. What made me come around was I realized he was already such a big part of my life, and I just couldn’t picture my future without him. The thing that scared me the most about getting into a relationship with him was not knowing how far it could go, because I had a feeling he was the one.

how they asked

We have a tradition of exchanging letters on our anniversary. On our 3 year anniversary he gave me his letter, it was beautifully written, as usual, at the end of the letter he wrote “from this moment forward you can expect to get proposed to”.

So, I knew it was coming sooner than later.

We had a trip to Niagara scheduled for end of October (October 28th, 2017). We were going to go visit my sister in St. Catherines, and then head to Niagara. We often visit Niagara in the winter time because it is absolutely breathtaking, however, we never had the time for some reason or the other to visit the actual falls. For this time, Julian told me lets make a solid plan to visit the falls after dinner. He also told me to dress nice, but comfortable for the dinner. This is when I thought something is going on because he never makes dinner plans, and I don’t think he has ever asked me to dress up.

I thought this could be the day, so I made an effort to make sure my nails are done, and picked up a new outfit and shoes.

The day we departed for Niagara my mom was looking at me with puppy dog eyes, she was just staring at me with a loving longing stare while I made my breakfast, this was also a dead giveaway something was coming.

We started our trip by visiting my sister in St. Catherines, and we spent sometime catching up. I was also extremely tired because the day before I ran around trying to get everything together for this big day. After visiting my sister we went to Niagara and checked into our hotel, and since our dinner reservation was at 7pm, and we arrived around 4pm we started to get ready.

I wanted to be perfect for him, but I forgot almost all of my makeup, and only had the basics to work with, this was not ideal. I was pretty upset with myself over the makeup mishap, and also was upset that I wasn’t able to pick an outfit that would of matched my signature red lip look. After getting ready and looking at myself in the mirror I got pretty anxious. I started to cry and told Julian I didn’t want to go out tonight because I wasn’t perfect. He didn’t know that I pretty much knew he was going to propose, so he didn’t get why I would of thought I wanted to be absolutely perfect. However, he has seen me get anxious over how I look before going out, so he did what he always does, calm me down with loving words, patience, and understanding.

Once we were ready we had some wine, we were going to go to a haunted house before dinner and I needed the liquid courage. We headed to “Fun Zone” down near the Casino, we did the haunted house and played some arcade games. I was over the moon happy, and excited.

Around 6:50pm Julian suggested we head to the restaurant. I had no idea where we were going, so he took the lead. After walking for less than a minute, Julian looks around and goes “we are here”. I was very confused because were at Ruth’s Steakhouse. (We went to Ruth’s the last time we came to Niagara unknowingly how ridiculously expensive they are, and we were too hungry to look for elsewhere so ended up at eating Ruth’s). I looked at him and said “what do you mean we are here? We cannot afford this”, to this he goes, “last time we couldn’t enjoy this place fully, today I brought you back so we can have the full experience”. I was blown away as to how sweet of a gesture this was.

We had a wonderful dinner at Ruth’s, great wine, great food (the T-bone steak was absolutely the best thing I have ever eaten), and great company. We talked for hours, discussed our future plans, and general updates about our careers. After dinner we headed to the falls as Julian planned.

At this point I started to doubt he was going to propose, I figured that the dinner was probably the reason he wanted me to be dressed up.

Once we got to the falls, he asked me if I was comfortable, and if I am enjoying the view. I said of course I am. I was thoroughly amused by the lights that was changing the colour of the falls. Julian told me we should take pictures with the falls. He told me to take a selfie, and I said okay, and proceeded to take a picture of myself with the falls. After taking the picture I realized he meant for me to take a picture of both of us. I realized my mistake and positioned myself to take a picture of us with the falls.

He was next to me for a brief second, and then disappeared out of the frame, so I said, “its hard to take a picture of us when you aren’t in the frame”.

He didn’t reply, so I turned around, when I turned around he was down on one knee…

He said, “Are you going to marry me?”

I was initially tearing up, but when he “popped” the question, I burst out laughing, and said, “you are supposed to say, ‘will you marry me?’”

He goes, “haha I never researched this part of the proposal”

He gets up and said, (and I am still laughing at this point because only we would have a silly moment during the proposal) “so, is that an yes?”, I said “of course it is”.

The sweetest moment was when we were walking back to the hotel and Julian told me I can’t call him my boyfriend anymore because he is now my fiancé. I burst out crying, he started to tear up as well, and we just stood middle of the sidewalk hugging each other.

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