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Satnam's Proposal in Hallstatt, Austria

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Aman, my then boyfriend had planned a few days getaway to Vienna for my birthday. We live almost 2 hours apart and on the morning of the trip, I was going to take a train down to his because we would be catching an afternoon flight from his local airport. This was also the day that I awoke to a snow blizzard! Record-breaking thick blankets of snow, several inches deep, greeted me as I opened my curtains. ‘Oh no, I’m going to miss the flight!’ However, my mother, who can only be described as a hero, was adamant to get me to the train station on time. By some miracle through all the skidding and sliding on the roads, I arrived at the train station. Unsurprisingly there were train delays and I reached my end destination an hour later than expected. “Don’t worry our flight has been delayed by three hours”, Aman said.

However, the three-hour delay soon became a one hour delay with the flight getting bumped up as others were being canceled due to the snow. In a mad rush, we left the house and drove to the airport only to be told by the lady behind the desk that we had arrived too late to check in and board the flight. My heart sank and Aman looked upset and guilt-stricken, this had been the first time EVER he had forgotten to check in online. I joined the customer service queue whilst Aman walked off to make a few “family” calls. I later found out he was frantically trying to move over the planned proposal a day later than scheduled as he came to the realization we wouldn’t be getting to Austria on the same day. After an hour of queuing, we decided to get an indirect flight to Vienna as it meant we could get there early next day and we didn’t want to take any more chances getting a direct flight from the airport the next day because of risks of delays/ cancellation due to bad weather.

Almost 20 hours later with little sleep, we made it to our hotel in Vienna. “Tomorrow we’re going to a village called Hallstatt and we’ll be meeting my friend Andre there for lunch” Up until a month before the trip I had never heard of Aman’s friend, Andre, but all of a sudden I knew Andre’s whole life about how he used to work with Aman and now lived in Hallstatt with his fiancé Daniela. In all honesty, I felt a 4-hour train journey and a 20-minute boat journey was a bit too much to visit an ex-colleague. However, Hallstatt was a beautiful village surrounded by a lake and ice-capped mountains. Truly a hidden gem! I was starving and annoyingly Andre was running late and had poor signal on his phone so Aman had to call Daniela’s phone. We decided to go for a scenic stroll across the small village. Aman realised he had his Bluetooth speaker packed so we listened to music during the walk. All of a sudden we came to an area of open land and Aman pointed to something in the distance. It looked liked a set up for a romantic dinner. ‘Aww how sweet that someone has done that’ I thought, not thinking it had anything to do with me. We walked closer to inspect it and I noticed a lady in a pink jacket watching us. Aman suddenly changed the song to our favourite London grammar song, distracted by this, it was only until I had walked right up to the romantic set up that I saw a small photo frame with a picture of Aman and me! Suddenly, the lady in the pink jacket revealed a camera in her hands and started taking pictures of us! It was all a blur from there. Aman pulled off my left glove and got down on one knee and within 5 minutes I was engaged. This has truly been the best surprise of my life. A living fairy tale created by my very own Prince Charming.

P.S. Andre was just an imaginary character created by Aman to throw me off his plans. The lady in the pink jacket with the camera was called Daniela (imaginary Andre’s fiancé!) who is a very talented wedding/proposal planner in Austria.

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