Sasha and Sergio

How We Met

It was January 2015 and I, Sasha, had just landed a job as a Zumba instructor at LA Fitness and Sergio had just moved to Houston, TX from Florida after graduating from college. Sergio started working for LA Fitness as a trainer and immediately noticed me because of my big curly hair and the flashy work out pants I wore (to secretly grasp his attention). I first laid eyes on Sergio as he was leaving the gym one day and thought to myself “Wow, he is so handsome”. Months went by and Sergio had only given me a “hello” here and there.

Now almost a year went by and Sergio finally built up the courage to ask me for my phone number, putting us in January 2016. My birthday was a few weeks later (January 21st) and Sergio asked me to lunch that day, where we first got to really speak to each other and get to know a little more about one other. By the end of the first date, Sergio knew that he wanted more dates for us in the future. After a few months of dating, Sergio asked me to be his girlfriend on September 16th, 2016.

how they asked

So it all began in March 2018, one of the local wedding photographers, Barett Henry Civic Photos, who has shot with Sergio and myself before, contacted me and asked if I would be open to shooting a Miami style shoot in Galveston. I, of course, said yes and as the months approached Barett messaged me again telling me that he did not need the pictures until mid-September and if we could move it to then. Without hesitation, I said, “sure why not!” Little did I know that this was all Sergio’s idea from the beginning.

Where to Propose in Galveston, TX

As September approached, Sergio realized he was missing key components to a proposal, the blessing from my father. Sergio nervously messages my father and set up a meeting to speak with him in his office to talk about investments with a hidden but pure intention at the same time. After briefly speaking about investing and easing the mood, Sergio paused, took a deep breath to keep his composure and asked my father for my hand in marriage. But as soon as those words left his mouth, Sergio broke down into tears. My father seeing Sergio’s sincerity and the love he had for me, without hesitation gave his blessing. Two months go by and Barrett told us both to pack two outfits since it would be a “quick shoot”. The time comes and we head towards Galveston on Saturday, September 15th (our anniversary is September 16th). Sergio begins to tell me about a surprise he has for me. Me, being the person I am is trying to figure it out and I start asking a bunch of questions.

When we arrived at Galveston, we entered the Moody Garden Hotel and to my surprise Sergio had a room booked for us. In all honesty, I thought this was THE surprise – a weekend getaway. The time for the photoshoot got closer and we headed out to another hotel for the shoot, Hotel Galvez, Barrett starts shooting as usual by telling us how to pose and where to stand and after a few photos Sergio puts on his blazer (in the 100 degrees weather and humidity) and we take a couple more shots. Suddenly I am getting bitten up by mosquitoes and all types of bugs but then I turn after composing myself only to find Sergio down on one knee *cue the waterworks* I had no idea what to think, I had so many emotions going through my head as he proposed. Sergio says “Sasha, from the moment I met you, I’ve always known it’s been you.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Galveston, TX

Will you marry me?”. and I SAID YES! and immediately go in to hug him and I start bawling. I vaguely hear people clapping and cheering in the background and Barett tells us to turn around and to my surprise, I see my parents, his parents, and uncle all clapping watching and cheering us on. After a group photo, we all headed out to dinner. Dinner went amazing, then I am assuming the night is over… but when we get back to our hotel, Sergio tells me to freshen up for some celebratory drinks at the bar downstairs. As we head over to one of the hotel’s party rooms, I turn and see a handful of my friends, balloons, and champagne waiting for us. As the night came to an end we headed upstairs to get some rest for our anniversary brunch the next morning — as we entered our room I find rose petals creating a trail to the bed that had a heart and a bottle of champagne waiting for us.

Special Thanks

Barett Henry
Samantha Huang | 
Karla Cruz | 
made sure I did not pick up on any hints and had my nails done