Sasha and Robert

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How We Met

Rob and I met at my place of work. I work at a cell phone store and he walked in and waited for me to specifically help him. He was so polite and of course handsome but didn’t ask for my number! I was so sad but was hoping he would be back. A few days later, it turned out we had a mutual friend and we got connected back through them. We went on our first date and from there on we have seen each other almost every day!

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how they asked

Feb 5, 2018, was the most magical day of my life. Robert contacted my manager and begged for me to have two days off so he can whisk me off to Chicago for a mini getaway. They tricked me and told me that we were going for my moms birthday which is also February 5th. We road tripped to Chicago at 5 am and checked into the LondonHouse Hotel. He took me on a shopping spree and once we got back to the hotel they said to dress up because we are going to a fancy dinner for my moms birthday. Little did I know, he was going to propose. As I was getting ready, my mom said she will meet us in the lobby and walked out. We get into the elevator and we started heading up. I was so confused and asked why we’re going up instead of down… he said: “there’s a beautiful view on the rooftop lets go see it real quick.” This was nothing new to me since he knows I love a beautiful view. We step onto the rooftop and I was in awe.

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But the surprises weren’t over. As I was hugging him and crying my eyes out, Rob tells me to turn around. I turned around and there stood my Mom, cousin, sister from New York, and my cousin from California! They were all here for my proposal! Afterwards, I find out they have all been planning this for a week and I had absolutely no idea! Hands down, best day of my life.

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I noticed a man (who turned out to be our photographer, Jack!) And just started taking videos of the breathtaking view. Rob called my name and as I turned around he got down and one knee said the most beautiful speech, and asked to be his for the rest of our lives. Of course, I said Yes!!!!

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Special Thanks

Nastasia Yakoub
 | Planning
Jack Ross
 | Photographer
Nikki Barbat
 | Planning