Sasha and Lucky

How We Met

We met in college at the University of Utah in 2012 and started dating in 2013! He played football for the U and we had a lot of mutual friends. He always tried to hang out, connect with me on social media, etc., but I just wasn’t ever having it! Until one day… I was at Park Cafe (the cutest little breakfast nook in SLC!) having my birthday breakfast with my family when I saw him in the cafe eating breakfast alone at the bar. My mom saw me wave to him (I was being nice, okay!) and she made me invite him to eat with us seeing that he was alone. Little did we know that he was close friends with the owner and not really alone… Anyways, I more so asked out of politeness thinking that he wouldn’t oblige, but HE DID. My family was blown away by him and his conversation, and I’m pretty sure I said a total of two words. He ended up leaving the breakfast early due to football practice. Unbeknownst to us, he secretly paid for my family’s entire breakfast. My mom couldn’t believe it and kept encouraging me to go on one date with him. Well… a couple of weeks later we went on a date! The rest is history! Now we are planning to get MARRIED 7 years later!

Sasha and Lucky's Engagement in The jungle in Jamaica!

How They Asked

We were in Jamaica celebrating the New Year and our 6 year anniversary. My fiancé had been talking about doing this romantic bamboo river cruise in the jungle since we got to Jamaica. He’s more the adventurous type so I thought it was interesting that he wanted to do it, but didn’t think anything more. The morning of our jungle adventure, he acted totally normal aside from bringing a nice bottle of champagne. Again, I brushed it off thinking he just wanted to celebrate the NY and our anniversary.

When we got to our bamboo raft deep in the jungle in Jamaica, I was blown away. It was the most perfect raft with beautiful flowers decorating it. Not a soul in sight — just the two of us and our bamboo raft captain. We cruised down the river chatting, laughing, and taking pictures. Our captain even stopped at a few points to take photos and give us a limestone pedicure (hence the white legs lol!). THEN IT HAPPENS. We keep cruising and our captain stops at what he calls the Jamaican “Love Tree.” My fiancé gets up and starts to take pictures of me. I still don’t think anything of it.

He then asks me to stand up on the raft and look the other way to “get the perfect shot.” At this point, I’m a bit uneasy at standing on some bamboo over a river, but of course, do it for the perfect shot! As I’m turning back around to face him, my handsome man is on one knee with the most incredible ring. I am in complete shock and also so nervous that this shock is going to make me lose my balance and fall into the river. The scenery around us is incredible — just us, on a beautiful slow river in the jungle. Of course, I SAID YES! It was so perfect. So incredibly romantic and so us. We are huge adventure travelers and love to do things away from the tourist crowds. I will forever remember this moment and am so happy I didn’t fall into the river from my shock and excitement!

Special Thanks

Kenton Bones
 | Photographer