Sasha and Joey

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How We Met

Well, my fiancé’s name is Joey and we met at a tattoo shop where he was working as a piercer. We met through mutual friends and although we didn’t really get along at first, we became friends after a few weeks. Our friendship developed over time and I think we soon realized that the friendship was becoming so much more than that and we embraced it.

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We think that one of the main things that make our relationship unique is our completely opposite career paths. Joey is a piercer/tattoo apprentice and I am a social worker. We both work with people but on vastly different platforms. We’re both nerdy but in our own ways. I love books and movies while Joey loves comics and video games but we’re extremely supportive of the little quirks that we each have. We also make time to do things with each other that the other is interested in. We go to new places together, try new foods, we just love to experience firsts with each other.

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Joey says that he can’t really pinpoint exactly when he knew I was the one but that over time and with the experiences that he’s had both with and without me, he just realized more and more that he couldn’t live without me. I first knew that I couldn’t imagine my life without Joey when I first told him that I loved him in early August 2014. We hadn’t even officially started dating but I had to tell him how I felt. I had the hardest time stringing my thoughts together and after what felt like hours of sitting in his car and freaking out, he told me he loved me too and that was when it really made sense to me.

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how they asked

Joey proposed to me on April 22, 2017, the day after my 25th birthday. He planned a trip to Disney for my birthday and then added that we’d be having dinner at Be Our Guest, a restaurant created after my favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. We spent the day at the parks, changed our clothes, and got ready for dinner! We had an amazing meal, talked, laughed, and just enjoyed being with each other. When it came time for dessert, I asked to try some of “the grey stuff”. The waiter brought out a cute dessert plate with a candle in it and also brought out a dessert tray. Joey sang me happy birthday and it was the sweetest thing. The waiter then said he had brought out something special from the kitchen and put a plate down in front of me that read “Will you marry me?”

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I immediately turned and saw Joey kneeling down with the ring in front of him and despite all of the yelling and cheering from the other people in the ballroom, I only saw him. After champagne and a lot of ugly crying, our amazing photographer, Haleigh, then told us that whenever we were ready, she would be happy to take our engagement photos for us as well! It was a total and complete surprise and I couldn’t believe all of the work that Joey put into making it happen. Joey said that he attempted to plan it all by himself as far as the reservations for dinner, etc. but was having a difficult time doing so.

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He spoke with some of my best friends at a photography event that I was participating in to get some of their help. One of my best friends contacted some of her friends to get him the earliest reservation at the restaurant and another one of my close friends helped him find a photographer that I’d never met or seen into the restaurant. Disney didn’t have any engagement packages for the Be Our Guest restaurant so he had to find loopholes in order to get the entire thing set up. Once we were in the parks, it was mostly smooth sailing until a security guard almost ruined everything! As she was checking our bags, which we had already had checked multiple times with no issues, she stated that she felt a box in one of the bags and needed to see what was inside.

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He told her that it was just jewelry for him to change into later in the day but she wouldn’t leave it alone. I had already had my bag checked so I went and sat off to the side. I’ll admit that when I heard the word jewelry, my ears perked up and although I didn’t want to get my hopes up, I got really excited! After a debacle with another security guard, Joey finally came back over to me upset but content to show me the facial jewelry that was in the box. Needless to say, after he proposed, he confessed that he’d gotten angry with the security guard because she almost ruined the surprise and everything he worked really hard to set up! For the rest of the day, he said that he’d had the ring in his pants pocket and was just hoping I didn’t notice. It couldn’t have been more perfect and I’m thankful that I have a partner who listens and goes to great lengths to make me happy.

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