Sasha and Eric

How We Met

I’m from New York & was on a euro trip with my mom. After going to London & Amsterdam it was time to relax for 2 weeks in the French Riviera. I was laying out on the beach reading when I saw this gorgeous man lay around the same area as I. As I’d get up to go dip/swim I’d notice him staring at me. It was so obvious, that even my mom mentioned it to me. He was standing in the shallow end admiring the view (me tanning) that I decided it was hot & I needed to go swim & casually walk by him.

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After doing this song & dance 2 times I couldn’t take it anymore so I said “hiiiii” (he still makes fun of me to this day about how I said hi). So we exchanged names & whatsapp info. Turns out he was a local from Nice & his English was terrible haha; it’s improved since! The next day he took me jet skiing & to a beach/pool party in Cannes where we had to use google translate to communicate majority of the time. We were inseparable for my remaining 6 days in France. After I left he begged me to come back, so I did for 2 weeks. By the end of those 2 weeks he made it clear that he couldn’t live without me & I without him so I made the bold move to move to Nice in January 2016. and since the move we’ve traveled and he even came to new York for the first time.

how they asked

I begged him to go to Paris for the weekend (it’s just an hour flight from Nice) because it’s one of my favorites cities (ive been there twice before just not with him). He finally agreed & I even got him to agree to a photo-shoot. Upon arriving the weather was miserable, nonstop rain & not photo-shoot weather at all. So our photographer rescheduled to our last day. The last night there we had no plans so he told me to dress nice cause we were going out.

We get in our Uber & I ask where we’re going. He tells me to the Eiffel Tower since we haven’t been there. Upon arriving we start walking towards the restaurant there; Le Jules Verne. I’m thinking wow fancy… So we get to the restaurant which is located 123 m up. We’re sitting there enjoying the gorgeous view & delicious food.

After finishing dinner he excused himself. Within a minute the waiter comes out with a cake that reads ‘veux tu m’épouser’. I’m looking at this cake for about 1.5 seconds (but it felt like forever) trying to translate since I’ve only been learning French for a year.

After it clicks he reappears & gets down on one knee & pops the question IN FRENCH! He was so nervous he couldn’t even construct proper sentences in English… I of course start crying & say OUI!!