Sarrah and Bretton

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How We Met: Brett and I met at Arizona State University through mutual friends. We were at a friends and we were all casually talking. Brett asked how I liked ASU and I told him I was planning on transferring to Ohio State University at the end of the semester. He told me he would text me 10 reasons (one every day) of why I should stay in Arizona. We haven’t stopped talking ever since.

Image 8 of Sarrah and BrettonPhoto by Andrew Jade Photography

how they asked: On May 16, 2015 a day before Brett’s birthday he proposed to me and made me the happiest girl in the world. We were on our way to my parents house for what I thought was a birthday party for him. His family was also meeting us at my parents house. We spent the first part of the evening having drinks and food with everyone. At the end of dinner, Brett began opening his birthday gifts. When we got to the last present his mom, Sharon, said this gift is for you and Sarrah and Brett had me open it. I automatically assumed it was something for our house since we were moving in together in a couple weeks. I began opening the gift and soon realized it was a shirt that read “fiance.” Brett got down on one knee and began proposing in front of our entire families. I have never felt so much love in one moment. His sister, Amanda, is a photographer and immediately began taking photos. My Mom brought out a congratulations cake for the two of us and my Dad got champagne to make a toast with everyone. We spent the night with our family. I couldn’t have imagined it any better.

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Proposal photos by Amanda Gaboury