Sarra and Will

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York

How We Met

Will always said that he told his mom “I met my future wife” the morning after we met. He knew from the very beginning. After coming out of a serious relationship, I was not ready but I was so sure that I wanted to keep Will in my life. He became my best friend & it turned into the most special love I have ever felt. I knew I wanted to marry him our first Thanksgiving together. I realized how thankful I am for someone that loves me despite every flaw, every setback, and every obstacle. I love him and he loves me, no matter what.

How They Asked

Will surprised me with a trip to New York after I had been watching 739273828 pizza reviews of NY pizza (yes, this was my #1 reason for wanting to go). I could not believe that he was taking me to New York. On our way to Chelsea Pier for our sunset boat ride, he was being really quiet. I thought he was mad at me. We get to the end of Chelsea Pier and he says, “Sarra Kchouk, you know i have always loved you?” I cried. He cried. The end! I am ENGAGED to my best friend.

Special Thanks

Ella Jewell
 | Photographer