Sarita and Samson

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Christopher Columbus Park, Boston MA

How We Met

We met on a Wednesday night at the Five Horses Tavern in Boston, where I had been living for the past few years and Samson had just recently moved to. Samson had arrived nearly 20 minutes early for our first date, just in case, something I would later find all-too-common.

Luckily two seats had opened at the bar before I got there, and we spent the next two hours talking about travel, family, Boston, work, and everything in between. We had to end the date early since it was a work night, and we both had no idea if it went well because we forgot to ask to see each other again until after we both had left!

How They Asked

Quick backstory: I was a physics major in college and Samson, who’s in marketing, loved to ask me about the classes I was taking. For birthday’s and holiday’s, I would write Samson personalized cards relating our love and our relationship thus far to physics. In previous cards I’ve gone through the full statistics of our meeting, the ‘strong force’ that holds together quarks, and a quick overview of string theory. One of our now favorite statements of mine was: “I like to think that no matter what dimension we’re in, my string is still tangled with yours”. Your physics teacher wasn’t lying when they said you’d use it in real life!

Proposal Ideas Christopher Columbus Park, Boston MA

Samson saved each of these cards in his safe knowing that one day he’d use them again. Under the pretense of dinner, we made our way downtown and got off a stop early in order to walk through the park, since Samson had made us characteristically early for our reservation. In Christopher Columbus Park in downtown Boston, Samson had Ritika (One of my best friends) place 3 of his favorite cards on 3 park benches in the gorgeous floral walkway, before placing a 4th physics card, which he had written, on the final bench.

Behind the last card was a small wooden box from Brilliant Earth, which he pocketed as he read his card to me. Samson had done some research of his own and told me about Neutrons, Hydrogen atoms, and the unbreakable bonds of our relationship. Victoria (my other best friend) was there with her camera to catch the magic moment, and Ritika was hard at work driving off some unassuming Instagrammers. Samson then got down on one knee and asked me to spend his life with him, and I, of course, said YES, since there is nothing I am surer of than that this man is the love of my life.

Sarita and Samson's Engagement in Christopher Columbus Park, Boston MA

Special Thanks

Victoria Romulo
 | Photographer