Sarina and Al

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

How We Met

Al and I met when we were 15/16 in High School. I found him on Facebook after seeing him in the halls a few times and thought he was so cute I just had to add him as a friend. A few days later, I got a notification on Facebook that it was his birthday. (4 days before mine!) I wished him a Happy Birthday on his wall and told him to message me sometime, with a “;-)” face. 4 days later, he wished me a Happy Birthday on my wall and then messaged me privately (This was before “sliding in the DM’s” was a thing). At that time, it never amounted to anything serious and we went on to date other people. Fast forward to the summer before my Junior year of High School, he and I recently ended our previous relationships and we were spending a lot of time around each other because we shared mutual friends. It was nothing romantic at all and I think we both assumed we’d always just be good friends! Once the school year started, he and I passed each other in the halls and he said: “hey stranger, why don’t you text me anymore?” I smiled and said: “I will right now!.” Every day since then, we talked every day and I used to fall asleep before he would text back so I’d have a reason to continue the conversation in the morning. 7 years later and I still get butterflies.

How They Asked

Al and I spontaneously booked a trip to Paris and in my mind, I secretly was wondering if he would propose but I knew we had talked about waiting a year or two. We woke up early in the morning to head to the Eiffel Tower and as we were facing it, I felt him take a step back away from me and I turn around and he’s on one knee! It felt like an absolute fairytale and I couldn’t believe something so magical was happening to me.

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Special Thanks

Laura Elharrar
 | Photographer