Sarika and Noel

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

How We Met

We met at Gloria’s Latin cuisine in Houston,Texas. I had gone there to meet up with some friends, and kill some time while waiting to meet up with other friends later in the night. Two sips into my first drink I felt a tap on my shoulder. I immediately thought to myself “I’m not dancing with anyone tonight. I don’t know how to dance to salsa- I just eat salsa..” once I turned around my thoughts changed to “woah he’s SO HANDSOME” Noel nicely asked me if I’d like to dance and without hesitation I said yes. Suddenly feeling nervous I chugged my drink and frantically looked for a place to set my empty glass. He casually takes my glass, sets it down, and takes me to the dance floor. After dancing to a few songs we grab another drink at the bar. It was one of my friends birthdays so I ordered and paid for a round of shots. Noel tried to pay the bar tender and I told him it was already taken care of- he wasn’t ok with that and kept saying he wanted to pay. I ended up saying “well- if it bothers you so much why don’t you just take me to dinner to make up?!” He was shocked that a girl would 1) pay for a round of drinks and not expect him to pick up the tab, and 2) tell him if it bothered him to take her to dinner instead! The rest of the night we spent bar hopping, dancing and later exchanging numbers. Then the next week we had our first date!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

how they asked

This evening was total magic. Noel planned us a sunset cruise to the famous Cabo Arch. Upon arrival I found out it was a private sailboat cruise with a photographer. I thought to myself “wow this company is gonna try and sell me all these photos and I don’t want to buy them all!” And for a split second I felt like this would make a perfect proposal but talked myself out of it and gave myself every reason it wouldn’t be. We set sail around 5:30 PM Monday May 22nd. Once we arrived at the arch the captain told us to go to the bow so we could have our photo taken. Then before I realized he was down on one knee asking for me to marry him. I was so worried he would fall off the bumpy bow or drop the ring! As you all know I SAID YES!

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