Sarie and Zachary

Sarie and Zachary's Engagement in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

How We Met

Zach and I met in 2013 in our first year at St. Thomas University, and at first, I thought he was quite the player. You see, he has an identical twin, Christian, and in a small city when two new attractive twins come into town, they became quite the hit, and it went to their heads a little. There was a rumor going around the university that one twin was a relationship guy and one was not, and as the fame went to Zach’s head a little more than his twins, everyone assumed he was the “player.” As I shared a class with both Zach and Christian, I got to know them quite well and realized that the rumors were not true as they were both pretty good guys. One of the first question I am always asked, after “can you tell them apart?” is “how did you know which twin you wanted to date?”. The answer is simple, although they are identical twins, they do not have identical personalities. As happy as I am that Christian is going to be my brother in law, we are too similar in personalities to have ever been more than friends.

As Fall turned into Winter, my feelings for Zach grew as we were spending a lot of time together, and I knew I could not stand by and let what could have been a great relationship pass by. One night, my girlfriends and I went to the pub on campus to get a drink, and I invited Zach and his brother along. I bought Zach and I each a pitcher of beer, and we had a great time. Eventually, once I had had enough liquid courage, I said to Zach “listen, you know I like you, and I know you like me, I think you should either ask me out or let me move on.” He looked a little shocked, so I got up and walked to the bar for another drink. Later that night, when Zach was leaving, he asked me to walk with him to the door. Once alone, he turned me to face him and kissed me. As I must have looked quite shocked, he said with a smug look on his face “you have been waiting for that for a while haven’t you?”. Now angry, I turned and walked back into the bar. I was told later by Christian that the whole way back to residence Zach kept repeating “I screwed up, I screwed up” over and over again.

The next night, the same group of people went to play pool. As I was still kind of upset about what happened the night before, I ignored Zach for the first half of the night, which apparently bothered him. At the end of the night, Zach pulled me aside and said he needed to talk to me. When we were alone, he said to me abruptly “will you be my girlfriend?”. I was rather shocked, so I said, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”. Zach said again, “will you date me?”. This time for dramatic effect and as a joke, with my hand to my ear I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you?”. Zach says “Sarie will you be my girlfriend?” and I said finally, “about time!”. We then had our second kiss, this time as boyfriend and girlfriend, and the rest is history.

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Sarie's Proposal in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

On Remembrance Day weekend in November 2017, we went to Ottawa with Zach’s dad, who is a teacher, to help out with a school trip. I was very excited to go as I love Ottawa and would get to see the Parliament Building, the Remembrance Day Ceremony, and stay in the Chateau Laurier. Overall, we had a great weekend participating in lots of activities and were able to spend time with his family who we do not see often. Before leaving on Sunday, I said to Zach “why don’t we go walk by the Parliament Building one last time before we go as it’s so beautiful.” Zach was more than compliant to go at that specific time (I now know why).

We when we were almost to the front of the building, he says “how about we go this way, I want to walk around the whole building.” I agreed and along we went. Eventually, we reach the back of the building where there is a fence that overlooks Gatineau, Quebec. I am looking at the sights when Zach grabs me by the shoulders and turns me to face him (not unlike the night he first kissed me). He then starts to look a little nervous and begins talking about how we have been through a lot together these last four years, how he wants to travel the world with me, and how much he loves me. He then gets down on one knee and says the words I have been longing to hear “Sarie, will you marry me?”. I start to cry and say something along the lines of “of course, yes!”. Although he knew I would say yes, he was quite nervous and said next “thank god that is over” and laughs.

After the fantastic moment of Zach proposing, a woman, who is not known to me, starts to walk over to us with a camera. Zach goes over to her and thanks her for capturing our engagement. He had hired a photographer, Melanie Shields, to hide and take pictures while he proposed to me. Although I had joked with him in the past that I would love to have a secret photographer take photos of our hopeful future engagement, I didn’t think he remembered! Melanie, who was an absolute sweetheart and we would recommend her to anyone in Ottawa, then proceeded to do a whole engagement photo session at the Parliament Building and the Chateau Laurier. Zach executed the perfect proposal; I could not have wished for anything better.

Zach is my rock, my encouragement, and my best friend. I cannot wait to become Mrs. Sarie Lakes in 2019 and to start the next chapter of our lives together.

Special Thanks

Melanie Shields
Megan Boucher | 
Planning, Future Maid of Honour