Sari and Aaron

How We Met

Image 1 of Sari and Aaron

I knew Aaron through mutual friends but it wasn’t until we had both graduated from Michigan State University that our love story began. We reunited during the biggest bar night of the year… the night before Thanksgiving. At the time, I was living in Michigan, where we were both from and he was living in Florida, working for a big hospitality business company. After drinking a lot of tequila, we kissed each other goodbye at the end of the night. I did not think I would see him again anytime soon.

The next day, we started texting each other frequently and we never stopped! He flew back to visit me a month later and then I came to see him. The visits continued over the next year. Dating long distance from Michigan to Florida was a big commitment, not to mention an expensive one! We both had to think long and hard about it but within that first year, Aaron couldn’t let a good thing go. He decided to take a job back in the Midwest and ended up moving to Cleveland. He said it was a good opportunity but I’m pretty sure he was just trying to be closer to me! We waited exactly one full year to make it official. Our long distance relationship became a reality. That next Thanksgiving, we became Facebook official!

Image 2 of Sari and Aaron

Shortly after Aaron moved to Cleveland, I was accepted into NYU’s Center for Publishing. This was a prestigious summer graduate program in New York. I left my publishing job in Michigan to pursue the program. We then dated long distance from New York to Ohio. Aaron came to visit me many times that summer. During this program, I was accepted into a MBA program back in Michigan. I moved back to Michigan to pursue my masters at the end of the summer.

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Meanwhile, after about a year and a half in Cleveland, Aaron took a new position with his company and moved to Chicago, a place I loved! Our commute went from 2.5 hours to 4.5 but I didn’t mind. Our love remained strong. The plan was for me to find a job in Chicago post MBA but during my last semester, Aaron was offered a big promotion to move to Washington DC.

Image 4 of Sari and Aaron

He ended up moving there and I followed the summer after I received my MBA. We lived in DC for about three months when I was offered another job in Atlanta. This could have separated us again so I decided to pass on the job. Six months later, Aaron received a fantastic job opportunity to move us back to the Metro Detroit area. We moved into a condo together in August and less than 3 months later, he proposed!

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how they asked

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Aaron took me to Chicago for a weekend getaway. Chicago is one of my favorite places so I was down. He said we were going to visit his sister who lived there. The first night, we did stay with her but on the second day, he took me to stay at the fabulous Trump hotel. We started the night off with some drinks on the Terrace. The view up there was amazing. His sister met up with us for a drink and took some photos for us with the view. While this was happening, he got down on one knee and proposed to me!

Image 7 of Sari and Aaron

Afterwards, we took a limo to Mastro’s to celebrate!

Image 8 of Sari and Aaron

After dinner at Mastro’s, we were supposed to meet up with some friends at Pops for Champagne to celebrate Aaron “popping the question!” When we got there, my parents were waiting there to surprise me! I was shocked they had come from out of state without me knowing! It was a great surprise and a wonderful celebration!

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