Sarai and Nick

How We Met: The first time I saw him, I knew he was the one! We were both having dinner in a room of about 300 people, I looked up, and in walked Nick. Right then I asked all the girls with me if they knew him. Everyone said no, so our code word for him was “My future Husband”. Later that night, I realized we had a mutual friend, so I walked right over and introduced myself. 4 months later we were on a journey towards forever…

how they asked: One of our first dates he took me downtown to a local restaurant called Andrews. We talked and giggled the whole night. After, we walked through the downtown park of oak trees and Christmas lights. The park ends at a huge oak tree. We both climbed in the tree and had our first kiss. For my proposal, we relived our first date.

Image 1 of Sarai and Nick

We went back to Andrews, walked the park, and ended at our tree. Only this time, the ground was covered with mason jars and candles, the tree had lanterns, hanging pictures of us dating, and a picture frame that said “Someday” in it. While I was looking at the pictures, he turned on music, grabbed my hand and asked me to dance with him. As we slow-danced, he told me why each picture was signifiant to him. He ended with saying that the last frame he hopes to fill with us on our wedding day “someday”. Then he dropped to his knee and asked me to MARRY HIM!

Image 2 of Sarai and Nick

Now the only thing people say around us is… Nick and Sarai sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes love, then comes Marriage!