Sarai and Nathan's Incredible Magic Trick Proposal

How We Met: I live in Nashville, TN.

Nathan lives in West Palm Beach, FL.

So how did we meet?

Nathan and I both come from Romanian backgrounds (I was born in Romania and Nathan’s parents immigrated from there). There is a Romanian Worship conference called Desculti that happens yearly in Hickory, NC. A couple of years ago, I was in attendance there, as was he. We befriended one another (me never suspecting this hot-shot stud would ever be interested in me). A couple of months later, we went on a trip with a smaller group from the Romanian community. During this trip, a text message that ended up being sent to me on accident revealed that we would soon be more than just friends. Through more talking and a trip he made to Nashville, we started a long-distance relationship that we knew would be tough, but so-so worth it.

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how they asked: Y’ALL. He got me. Surprised me and asked me in the most amazing of ways.

Ever since we started dating, Nathan knew that I love surprises and continually tried to surprise me in various ways– always unsuccessfully (sorry honey). I would somehow always figure it out.

The day that he proposed seemed to be the most casual of days. I went down to West Palm to visit him as soon as the last of my exams for the year were over, and we were walking around the city (something we commonly do). We had lunch at Chick-fil-a, and just walked and talked (purposefully nothing romantic or special). I had been trying to ask him for several months what thoughts he had about the future, and he would always quickly switch the subject and give me no information (which is very uncommon for the two of us). That morning, as we were walking around, he commented on a diamond-looking necklace I was wearing,” So, I just found out they make different shaped diamonds. Like, aren’t there square, and round? Is there something else too?” I was exasperated with him– did he really not even have a thought of our future in mind? He didn’t even know what shapes of diamonds there were?? (In the meantime, he was an expert in diamonds, studying them under microscopes to understand which were the best–how was I to know?)

Something you should know about Nathan is that he is a magician. And he’s good. He loves to do magic tricks to strangers and loves the look of awe and surprise in people’s eyes.

That day, as I was walking around with him, he sees a “business man” reading a newspaper afar, and tells me that he had practiced a magic trick a couple of times involving a newspaper. I wanted to see the trick, so I convinced him to do it, even though he seemed nervous and claimed to not have practiced it a ton. He finally agreed to do the trick if I would film it on his phone. I agreed, and the trick began.

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He walked up to the business man and asked if he could do a trick for him. The man agreed, asking if he would get his newspaper back. Nathan laughingly agreed, telling the man (Ben) that most people don’t think they’ll get it back once he starts the trick. As he says this, he begins ripping the newspaper to shreds. Ben and I both laugh that, yes, we weren’t sure how he would get it back. After he finishes ripping it, he squeezes all the ripped pieces together in his hands.

And what happens?? MAGIC!! The paper comes back together just as it was before! We stare and gawk in amazement as he shows us all of the pages and how they were exactly as before, although we had just watched him tear that same paper to pieces.

As he’s flipping through the pages, he says, “but for some reason, I always have problems with the front page… there are always a few missing pieces…

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… and at that moment, as he flips around the newspaper, I get the surprise of my life.

He gets down on one knee, says “Sarai– you are so beautiful. I love you. Will you marry me?’

Um, YES!! Of course I will!!!!!!

He then proceeds to make the rest of the magic happen by pulling the ring out of the newspaper funnel that he creates.

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I was amazed, without words, completely flabbergasted… and EXPLODING with happiness

I found out after the trick was over that there was a man filming the whole proposal (Nathan’s friend, Dane) and that our “strange business man” reading a newspaper was also his friend, Ben (who I just somehow had never met, although I knew most of his friends).

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Since then, life has continued to be magical. Several newspapers, news stations, and even a radio station have shared our story, which has been so cool. He went through such a special effort to surprise me, and loves me so well. I can’t wait until the long-distance between us ends, and we can be married happily ever after.

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Videography by Dane Gerwig
Business Man – Ben Crane