Sarai and Marc

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At our new home we just purchased in August

How We Met

I had just come off a longgg wedding season and attended a wedding for a friend in New Mexico. Another wedding (without a plus one), another reminder of how single I was. I had attended about 4 weddings the spring/summer 2016 and had been a bridesmaid in an additional one. Upon returning from my last wedding I received a text from the bride whose wedding I was in. She asked if I was interested in going on a date with a guy she knew, “Um can I have more details please” I said first. She said she would have her friend, another bridesmaid, text me as she knew this potential dating prospect better. We chatted, she told me about him, sent me an aloof picture of him…a guy, on a mountaintop, with sunglasses and a hat on. How typical Colorado guy. Nevertheless, I agreed, she said she would give him my number and he would text me soon. THREE days go by no call, no message. I text our mutual friend a meme of a skeleton on a couch the meme read: “Me waiting on a text”. Little did I know she would send him a screenshot of my message. That evening I received a message from Marc, introducing himself and asking me to drinks and dinner. We went on our first date, I always have been a romantic and was holding out for that “time stops when you’re with your perfect person love” that night I couldn’t see anyone else, I couldn’t hear anything else, to me no one else was in the room. It was Marc an I at drinks, at dinner, at the nightcap I insisted we have after dinner, though it felt as time had stopped I didn’t want the night to end. By the 3rd date, I remember vividly a call to my mom who knew I had gone on a few dates with a guy I met through a friend. Me to my mom: “Mom, I think I’ve met THE ONE”.

how they asked

Saturday, October 20, 2018, was our 2 year anniversary and I had completely forgotten upon telling my friend that weekend worked for her bachelorette party. We planned the weekend to celebrate the bride to be by going to Winter Park, Colorado (#flannelflingbeforethering). Marc being the kindest selfless soul he is said it was fine we could celebrate on Sunday when I got back. I agreed and made us surprise brunch reservations at one of our favorite spots for 12 pm.

This meant I knew I would have to pour myself out of bed at an unreasonable hour after staying up way too late Saturday night. Throughout the weekend as we celebrated the bride all my girlfriends, the bride included were like “when do you think he will ask?”.

We had talked about it several times Marc and I, and I told them I figured it would be before the end of the year but not sure when. I got up early Sunday morning and a girlfriend agreed to get up early with me to drive the 1.5 hours back to Denver. I dropped her off and headed home.

Sarai and Marc's Engagement in At our new home we just purchased in August

Marc text me to say good morning and to let him know when I was on my way home. As I pulled around the corner to our home and saw pumpkins and little hay bales, it wouldn’t have been out of the ordinary for Marc to decorate, fall and the holiday season are our favorite time of year. I pulled in to the driveway still not noticing what was happening, got out of the car let out an exasperated sigh, exhausted and grateful to be home (Bach parties take a lotttt out of you, we all know this).

I walked around the car to see him sitting on the bench in front of our home…10 seconds, 10 seconds is what it took to hit me and realize what was happening. I said “OMG what are you doing” I vividly remember he said, “Welcome home Babe”. There underneath the big pine tree in our front yard, at our forever home, where we have discussed building our lives, raising our future children, growing old together, my best friend asked me to be his wife.