Sarahjane and Lukas


how they asked: Yesterday Lukas, Kate and I planned to go to Belfast shopping 🎀 little did I know that Lukas had the most magical day 💕 planned and all of our family was in on the surprise🙈!

As I was getting ready to head to Belfast, Lukas talked through the things we needed to get to finish our Christmas shopping📝. Unexpectedly I received a very frantic phone call 📞 from Kate saying I needed to come outside Lukas’ house immediately. So at 7:30am, I rushed out without brushing my teeth, half dressed and in a complete state of panic😓! Whisked off in emergency style by Kate (to apparently give Toni Kelly a deposit for a boxing night appointment)

I was dragged inside the salon and given two envelopes✉️. One revealing that the shopping trip was cancelled and that I was on a mystery treasure hunt. Another with a list of rules I had to follow on the hunt. Mobile confiscated, I sat there confused and excited about the day ahead. Hair and makeup complete💄💇, I looked out to find a Chrysler limo and Lukas’ best friend 👬in a suit and tie ready to take me to my next destination. Given an amazing photo story book, I hopped into the limo to find it covered in all my favourite treats🍭🍬🍫. Glass jars of jolly ranchers, Fredos, chuppa pops, sensations, coke and a box of tissues, which were indeed a necessity!

Destination 2🏁:The Fahys house where I received a new outfit (Thanks Kate Fahy) and another clue. With mum and Kate in tow we headed off to

Destination 3🏁:Donna’s Flower Box to get the most beautiful bunch of white roses🌸💐 and she gave me the next clue.

Destination 4🏁: Classic Beauty to get my nails done 💅(Thankfully because my nails are never polished). Lukas’s mum was waiting there and gave me the next clue.

Destination 5🏁:My special day wouldn’t have been complete without my “Kilkenny Sisters”👭 Dominique Arkinson and Maryellen Arkinson. After finding another clue in Lukas’s bedroom I was given another clue and some sausage baps🍔.

Destination 6🏁:Then I headed to the heart of the Vaughan family: 14 Laurel Drive and was given an envelope 💌 by granny who was so confused by the commotion and limo, so much so that my grandad asked “Is it someone’s birthday?”

Destination 7🏁:Final destination and clue (or so I thought): Swinging Bridge. Shane Mc Crory gave me an envelope and I really thought it would tell me to walk to the bridge and see Lukas but it didn’t. It said “Had you fooled” 🙉

After several laps of the town and a lot of laughs 😂 as our families tried to confuse me with lots of signs and songs. I was enroute to Oakfield Park⛲️ (I had never heard of it) I was given a letter to read on the way there.

Final Destination 🏁: I arrived to see our dads standing, an amazing chalk board (he had been making all week). I didn’t know where to look. Until I saw him standing at the bottom of a long drive in front of a lake. I walked towards him but it was taking too long. Mucky or not I ran 👣until I got to my Treasure💛: Lukas on one knee with a beautiful ring 💍💎. A photographer captured the whole thing and I wrote ✒️on my blackboard YES. What a proposal!!!💛 Happiest Girl in the world 💏.