Sarahi and John

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How We Met

We met through an online dating app around November 2015 and started dating in January 2016. We met up in Starbucks in Los Angeles County, CA. Our first time meeting was completely amazing. We had so much in common and talked about our love for nature and art.

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How They Asked

January 3, 2020!

We flew out to Washington State to visit my family. We rode the longest Gondola ride in the United States and fell in knee-deep snow, so he can ask me an important question. Of course, I said “YES!”


Prior to the engagement, we had an eventful day. John and 2 family members took me to Mount Spokane State Park in Washington State. We played with snow and attempted to drive up the mountain where the ski resort was located. John’s plan for us was to take the ski lift to the top of the mountain and pop the question. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go up the lift since we weren’t in ski gear. We spoke to the front desk receptionist and he recommended to go to Idaho to ride the longest Gondola ride in the United States if we were willing to drive 2 hours. We decided to be spontaneous and drive to another State.

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Once we arrived at the Gondola Ride, we were fearful when we saw how high the ride goes and disappears in the foggy mountains. During the ride, we were afraid to move in the cart. The higher the ride went, the snow and wind got worse. 30 minutes later we got to the tip of the mountain. We stood out, everyone was well dressed in ski gear and we weren’t. We walked around in knee-deep snow admiring the view but also trying to cover ourselves from the small blizzard.

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I was ready to go home. John persisted to keep walking. He found a perfect location but it was difficult to walk on the soft snow. I shouted for John to stop stomping around and to come back. Somehow, he convinced me to join him so my cousin can take a picture of us with this view. Once our picture was taken, he fell in one knee and took it as a perfect chance to take the snowflake ring out from his pocket and ask me to marry him


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Special Thanks

Elida Hurtado
 | Took Photos of the engagement
Elida Hurtado
 | Took Photos of the engagement