Sarah and Tyler

How We Met

I’m not sure how else to start this off other than saying that Sarah is perfect, and I could not be more excited to spend the rest of my life with her! She is the kindest, prettiest girl I have ever laid eyes on and I could go on and on about all of her amazing qualities. Sarah and I were literally just kids when we started dating, and by dating I mean asking my mom if she would drive us to the mall as we rode in the back of her minivan. Little did I know as a little 8th grader my life would forever change in the best possible way. It was a Friday in 8th-grade history, my favorite Friday, which meant trivia day. I looked forward to this day all week where 5 teams competed against each other in a Jeopardy fashion. I took this game very seriously, and the class period was coming to an end when the teacher asked an impossible question. No one knew it or so I thought. Two seats back Sarah nailed it like it was the easiest question ever asked. But it was as she was walking back down the aisle from recording her well-earned points that time slowed as the fall sun shined through the big windows on the most perfect blond hair blue eye girl smiling my way. At that very moment, I fell in love with this girl I barely knew. It turned out that we had a few other classes together including homeroom, as well as a pretty common circle of friends. How our paths had not crossed sooner… I’m not sure, but I made every effort to get to know her better. Homeroom was where we got to know each other, as we sat beside one another the rest of the year. I couldn’t believe how more and more perfect Sarah became the more I got to know her. On March 16th, 2009 I asked her to be my girlfriend as we walked together towards the 5th period, and our first date would be 17 Again, but we were only 14.

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How They Asked

After 8 ½ years of dating through high school and making long distance work going off to different colleges, I knew it was time. Sarah has become my best friend sharing so many memories and literally growing up together. It was the summer before our final year of grad school we decided to take a hiking trip in the West Virginia Mountains. This was something that we often did; both having great memories and continue to love to hike and ski, I knew this would be the time. Even though we had been dating for some time and often expressed wanting to get married after college, it was very important to me that this moment would be a surprise. I took the lead on planning the trip making sure that we made time for some of our favorite spots. I was nervous that all my planning would tip Sarah off on what was truly planned for this weekend. I had a good team behind me with my parents, sister, and Sarah’s mom who all helped make this day so special. We left early Thursday morning driving through the Canaan Valley…hiking all day at Blackwater State Park and eating dinner at Sirianni’s Cafe (You can’t beat pizza in the mountains). We would then drive over to the base of Seneca Rocks later that evening.

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Friday morning we woke up around 4:30 AM to get packed up for another day of hiking. Starting with a flashlight we made it to the top of the rocks just as the morning sun was making its way over the mountain. The sky was a stunning combination of colors as the airy clouds surrounded us. It was indeed Almost Heaven as I stood face to face and hugging the most beautiful girl in the world. My heart was pounding heavily only getting out her full name and an “I Love You” before she knew what was taking place. I am so thankful and excited to marry you, Sarah!