Sarah and Paul

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Boston, MA

How We Met

We are a Tinder success story! I was a nervous wreck on our first date, so we did a shot of fireball to calm me down. You will notice the initial song playing in our proposal video is “It All Started With A Beer – By Frankie Ballard, but we say it all started with Fireball. You may also notice there is a small bottle of the fireball in the proposal pictures and video. We dated for about two years after meeting and then he asked the big question!

How They Asked

Every year since Paul & I met, we take a trip. In 2018, we decided to head to Boston, MA with Paul’s brother Clinton and Clinton’s wife Sarah (ironic they both married Sarah’s). I was told the guys had a fancy dinner night planned and to dress up. As we were walking past the city library in Boston, there were some interpretive dancers dancing out in the open. I didn’t even catch on that our song “It All Started With A Beer” was playing in the background. Then, Clinton hands Paul & I a small bottle of Fireball and says “It All Started With Fireball. Then, Bruno Mars’ song “I Think I Want To Marry You” comes on over the speaker and more and more people begin dancing.

I then caught on it was a flash-mob. Paul looks at me and says, “You dare me to dance.” This isn’t something I would put past him, especially if we have had a few adult beverages. Of course, he jumps in, but he knows all the dance moves! This is when I caught on that something was going on. He ends up on one knee…well just watch the video and you will see! :)

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Matt Chang
 | Planning
Smallie Michelle
 | Choreographer, Videographer, Photographer