Sarah and Mike

Image 3 of Sarah and MikeHow we met: I’ve always dreamt of falling in love with my best friend, I just never thought I would actually have my fairytale. Mike and I grew up in the same town, so we go way back. It all started when we went to basketball camp together and we were on the same team during the championship. I sprained my ankle and Mike came over to me just to make sure I was ok. After that point we were best friends. He dated one of my friends for a long time. Now that we’re older I think its safe to say we always had a thing for one another. We were there for each other for a lot off difficult and exciting moments in our life. When we were both in college we finally decided to give things a try. I’ll admit, I was scared because if things didn’t work out, I didn’t want to lose a very special friendship. Clearly things worked out! Ever since then we were inseparable. I moved in after a year and we started our lives together and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

how they asked: Mike and I have this one fight between us that will never end and that’s that he is a Yankees fan and I am a Red Sox fan. He had asked me in the beginning of the relationship what my dream proposal would be, which was being proposed to on the pitchers mound of Fenway Park (unlikely to happen, but a girl can dream). So, we had planned to go to Boston for the weekend during the time that the Yankees were playing the Red Sox.

Now, the week before we left we were fighting so much, to the point where I said cancel the hotel reservations our vacation is off (little did I know thisImage 1 of Sarah and Mikewas part of his plan). We had got tickets to two out of the three games that were playing that weekend. When we got to Boston I knew that there was no way I was being proposed to especially after our fight. We went to the first game that Friday and spent all day Saturday in Boston and went to dinner and still no ring so I knew I wasn’t going to get it.

On Sunday we had planned for my Sister and her husband to come up to Boston and watch the last game with us. Sunday morning we got tickets to go to the Tour of Fenway park and batting practice. So we all went to that and they took our picture right on the field where we were feet away from players. All of the clues were right in front of my eyes the whole time, I was just too blind to see! He had asked the photographer to take another photo while we were on the field, but the photographer said no. So, when we go up on the Green Monster we had very limited time. When our tour was ending Mike grabbed my hand and said “I finally want to make this official” and he got down on one knee and proposed right on top of the Fenway’s Green Monster!

Unfortunately I was crying hysterically, so I didn’t really hear his speech, but it was perfect! When I got out of the tour, my other sister and her fiance were waiting for us to celebrate!

After the game ended we go back to the hotel to find our room decorated in roses and rose petals and candles everywhere! It was so romantic. I couldn’t ask for a better guy to give me my dream proposal!

Image 2 of Sarah and Mike

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