Sarah and Matt

Where to Propose in New York City

How We Met

We met 5 years and 2 weeks prior… on Tinder! I was in my sophomore year of college during 2013 in Allentown, PA. We had the most amazing, almost full-day first date. Although it sounds very serial killer-y, we went to a mountain as our first stop. It had the most amazing views and that’s where we really started to get comfortable with each other. The rest of the day consisted of lunch, meeting his mom(!) and dogs, going out to dinner with his younger brother and watching The Breakfast Club. Starting in September 2014, we started a long-distance relationship when he moved into a fire station about an hour away and then an even further long-distance relationship when he moved to a full-time fire department in VA in September of 2015. I have lived in VA for 2 and a half years now and we’ve had a dog, Dakota, for 2 years!

How They Asked

As unconventional as it sounds, the proposal was not this epic surprise. We had our wedding venue and date for probably 3 months at that point and he told me the weekend it was going to happen so I could take days off from work. I truly love the way we went about things because it felt like a mutual decision that us, as partners, made. However, it was a surprise where we ended up going! Friday we drove 10 hrs north and spent the night with my parents in southwestern CT. The next morning after a breakfast of waffles, Matt drove us into the Meatpacking District of NYC.

Proposal Ideas New York City

We went to a rooftop bar next to our hotel for a drink and a snack since we knew we were going to have an early dinner and we both had nerves going. We got ready, grabbed a bite at the hotel restaurant, and Matt told me we had time to go for a stroll before going “where we needed to end up”. It was a stunning evening and the sunset behind lower Manhattan was perfect. We walked passed a fire station where Matt was keeping our car. It was actually one that had formed a bond with Matt’s department in VA during 9/11. It’s so typical of Matt to want to go to every fire station we pass by, so I didn’t think anything of it when he wanted to go inside. In fact, I got very annoyed with him because he insisted I go in with him when I was trying to take pictures of the sunset!

The station was the marine fire station for lower Manhattan and the firefighters very generously offered to take us out into the harbor for a ride. This is Matt’s favorite part of the night because I tried to give him “the look” to politely decline since I thought we needed to stick to our schedule! We were ushered onto the boat in these very cute, bright orange life vests and they brought us over to the Statue of Liberty as the sun was setting. It was truly stunning. We went over to the Brooklyn Bridge and he insisted I go out to the front of the boat with him. There he got down on one knee with the beautiful New York City skyline lit up behind us. It was a truly unique and magical proposal thanks to the fire department brotherhood! The next morning was a beautiful Fall morning as we walked around Chelsea while everyone was still asleep. We felt like we were in our own little newly-engaged bubble!

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