Sarah-Louise and Liam

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How We Met

Me and Liam lived a mile apart and met at school when we were 10, placed in the same form class but in rival groups! Liam claimed he didn’t like me very much for a lot of our school years, which was fine because I preferred his best friend anyway! But eventually we were forced to get along by the time we were 14 and were paired together as lab partners in science class! From 2003 on-wards we grew up together – We’d walk each other home at night, discuss prom and share homework. At 14 we couldn’t drink or drive – we didn’t have phones, social media or jobs! We were just us. Our families became close friends….and we became the best of friends! From 18 Liam has stood by every crazy idea and plan I’ve ever had, one of which was asking he to wait for me while I followed my dreams, he said he would.

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By the time we were 20 work and studies took us in different directions – We traveled to opposite sides of the world, spending 6-7 months apart – My motto became: ”If we’re meant to be, he’ll be there when I get back”. I’d tell everyone I met about him, showing them pictures, saying one day I’d marry him. We spoke everyday, I wrote letters, stood in phone boxes, sent postcards…because in my heart I knew I’d make it home to Liam one day. Time passed and before we knew it we’d spent the best part of 7 years living long distance – But nothing ever changed. We were still the same people, wanting no-one else other than each other. The love I had for Liam never ever went away. By 2014 it was time to follow my heart – Liam was everything to me, always had been, always will be – He had kept his promise and waited. Time had proved we were STILL meant to be. – It was time to come home, to London, to Liam. x

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how they asked

Almost 18 years after we first met and 14 years after we got together Liam ran the London 2017 Marathon for charity on April 23rd. All our friends and family had turned out on mass to cheer him through the grueling 26.2 miles. It was a crazy day, I was organising everyone trying to get across the city from one point to the next to keep up with him! I had no time to think about anything else, I just wanted him to do well and finish the race so we could all celebrate!

Heine-sight is a wonderful thing they say…especially when Liam’s best friend is insisting we all just get to the finish line to meet Liam (I was being stubborn wanting to watch him run the last few hundred meters past Buckingham Palace!) Eventually I agreed and we met Liam at the finish. Hugs all round then a tired Liam soon said we should all get together for a big group photograph, ‘Great Idea’ I said! As I crouched down on the floor for the photo thinking Liam was joining next to me he swiftly turned around on one knee in front of me. I froze. He opened a box and presented me with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

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I was in complete and utter shock, I had to ask if he serious numerous times…then the tears and the cheers came! All our friends and family witnessed the proposal along with a film crew that caught the whole thing! It wasn’t until the following morning (we were now on holiday/engagement-moon!) when Liam told me to Google our names that I realised he had organised the film crew to be there and the story had pretty much gone viral overnight! The footage had been sent all around the country to numerous regional newspapers. I was gobsmacked and completely overwhelmed!

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One article that was written about Liam’s proposal was by the ‘Irish News’, they closed by saying; ”Marriage is marathon not a sprint”, words we will take with us on our next journey I’m sure.

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We’ve achieved a lot together in 14 years but Liam really made all my dreams come true that day. It was worth the wait, he surpassed any wish I ever had. It was meant to be HIS day. Instead he took our childhood love and finally turned into a real-life, fairy-tale thing by asking me to be his wife.

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