Sarah Kate and Charlie

How We Met

It was a rainy Sunday evening and all I wanted to do was curl up with a hot latte and a good book. So I headed to the best local coffee shop, Kean Coffee, to do just that. The coffee shop was crowded – it’s the best coffee shop in town, what do you expect? – but I was able to grab a table and settle in. I was getting ready to call it a night when a handsome man walked up and said “I don’t mean to bother you, but this is the only seat left in the coffee shop. Do you mind if I sit here and read?” OF COURSE I DIDNT MIND! I asked him what he was reading and when he told me he was reading a book on Christian Discipleship I quickly became more intrigued. We talked for a little over an hour about a bunch of things like… how I was getting a certificate in counseling and he was about to go back to school for counseling… he had just gotten back from a mission trip in Haiti and I had been on a few mission trips, including the Dominican Republic… we both had similar life experiences and had witnessed first hand that the biggest blessings come after the biggest storms. Little did I know that he had just survived Hurricane Matthew passing through Haiti earlier that month, right before we met. Thank goodness that was the only seat left in all of Kean Coffee-It was the best unplanned surprise first date ever.

how they asked

Every summer since I was 2 my family has been going down to Florida for summer vacation. Some of my fondest childhood memories have been on this coast and the ones that top them all are the endless sand castles my family built. Every year, we’d carve away the sand, leaving a sandcastle big enough to take a Christmas card photo right in the middle.

This year was no different…. we carved away the first day, building the biggest sandcastle we’ve ever built. The second day we had our work cut out for us as we found out it was going to be featured in a magazine and the photographer was coming that evening to take the photos. We built, the time passed, and before we knew it dinner time was upon us.

After dinner, we went back down to check on the photographer for the magazine but there was no magazine photographer there. Instead, Charlie was right in front of my eyes. I could hardly believe it — he was supposed to be in California! So many emotions poured over me as I realized that what was happening. Charlie had flown here to ask me to be his forever. I could hardly keep it together. I have so many memories from our sand castles on the beach but this one, by far, is the most astounding memory I have.

The love of my life, asked me to be his wife, in a castle my family built for me it is still overwhelming to think about everything that my family and close friends did to make this happen.

Charlie- you are the most thoughtful, caring, and courageous man I have ever met. I am humbled and overjoyed to spend FOREVER with you. and Jesus- thanks for being the best wingman around.

Special Thanks

Mark Russell Johnson
 | Photographer
Betsy Lane
 | Planning