Sarah Grace and Grayson

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How We Met

We met at Spartanburg Methodist College. He was a sophomore and I was a freshman. I remember meeting him the first time my third day on campus and thinking that he hated me. Of course that wasn’t the case. My first semester went by and I never talked to him. I didn’t think I would ever have a chance with him. But my second semester of freshman year, one of my friends was friends with him so we started hanging out in groups. Well, one day he was sitting by himself in the cafeteria and I decided to be bold and go and sit with him. We talked for over an hour and he walked me to my next class. About a week later we had a school bowling night and my friends and I got there late because of another event. As I was walking in I saw him in his truck leaving. He pulls beside me and asks if I’m staying and I say yes. He parks his car and came back in with me. We stood and talked and that’s the night that I got his number. Yes. You read It right. I got his number. Some of our friends were talking about how he never responds to texts and I said “well, I wouldn’t know. I don’t have his number.” He said “oh really?” I said “yes, we should change that” and I have him my phone and I put his number in my phone. We went on a few dates and a month later, we went to see “Memphis” at the Spartanburg Little Theatre. He had never seen a theatrical show before or been to a theatre. I’m a theatre nerd and have been involved at SLT since I was in the fifth grade. So of course, I have him a tour. The last stop of the tour was the spotlight booth where I had spent a lot of time. He knew I loved being up there and so that’s where he asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest is history.

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how they asked

It was our twenty month anniversary. He told me he had a plan, but wouldn’t say what I was. All he told me was that there would be dinner involved, to make sure my hair and makeup was done, wear a nice outfit and that he would be at my house at 6 to pick me up. He picked me up and there was a single rose on my seat. We head to his apartment and he says to stand outside the door in the hallway while he does something inside.

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When he finally let me come in he had rose petals and candles on the ground leading to his table. On the table there were twenty roses for our anniversary and a single rose laying on my plate. He had gotten us my favorite meal from Olive Garden and had It ready when we got there. While we were eating dinner he told me we were going to see “Hands On A Hardbody” at SLT. But before we left we slow danced to a couple of our favorite songs. I was starting to get suspicious. But we left for the show and I thought that maybe he was going to propose before the show. Well, nothing happened. After the show we went out to the lobby to talk to some friends that were there. My parents were there and we were talking about how he had asked me to be his girlfriend twenty months ago in the spotlight booth.

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My mom said something about going upstairs to take a picture. I didn’t think anything about It and so up we went. I walk in and there are lights strung up with pictures of our favorite memories and tickets to all the shows we had seen and other events we had been to. There were also pieces of pallet wood that he had painted with lyrics for some of our favorite love songs and the 1 Peter 4:8 which is our verse. We walked through and we talked about the memories. I turned around to put my purse and Dr. pepper down and when I turned back around he was on one knee.

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He asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. I was bawling and shaking, but of course I said yes.

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We walked over to a music stand that had a folder on it and he opened it. It was the contract for my dream wedding venue. He had already booked the venue for October.

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I started crying all over again. The photographer caught all the love that went into this proposal beautifully. He also had a video camera set up to capture all of It. It was all I ever dreamed and more. Afterwards my parents came in and he had friends and family waiting for us at Krispy Kreme.

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Which was special because that’s where we went after he asked me to be his girlfriend. He thought of It all!

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Special Thanks

Luke Robinson
 | Photographer
Parents, family and friends
 | Planning