Sarah and Chris

Image 1 of Sarah and Chris

How We Met

We met in sophomore year in college. We were both engineering students, at first, I didn’t like him very much, but he grew on me ;) we have been together ever since, have lived in 4 states together and just moved across the country from Philadelphia, PA to the SF South Bay Area, California. We also have a dog, which we love as much as a child!

how they asked

The long holiday weekend was supposed to be dedicated to celebrating Chris’ & our dog’s birthdays (June 28 & July 4). We originally were supposed to go to Inyo national Forest for a weekend of backpacking. Our plans were foiled though when the forest rangers told us that the trails we were slated to do had closed due to too much snow melt. Little did I know Chris had been planning on proposing this weekend for a few months now. So he had to make a last minute change of plans. We decided to head north to the Mount Shasta area, as we are both new cali residents and haven’t explored up there yet. We left, but had no camping reservations and were going to just go with the flow.

Image 2 of Sarah and Chris

The weekend involved short hikes and incredible views of Mount Shasta. We eventually decided to hike up to heart lake, but before doing so, we stopped at General dollar and bought floats. We got to heart lake early so we could stake out the best campsite and float around all day on the lake, both of which we did. After seeing another couple get engaged around noon, Chris’ response “heart lake, that’s kinda corny” we started to gear down to eat dinner and watch the sunset.

Image 3 of Sarah and Chris

While watching the sunset, Chris had set up the camera and said he had it on a timer to take a time-lapse of the sun setting (I ask a lot of questions). But little did I know, that was a white lie. Eventually he said he wanted to go mess with the camera, and then came over and told me to close my eyes and let him lead me.

Image 4 of Sarah and Chris

He took me to a spot where he had set up battery powered rope lights, overlooking castle lake with mount Shasta, got on one knee and asked if I would marry him (with our dog at our feet) I said yes of course. He then proceeded to pull out a little bottle of champagne and smores to celebrate!!!