Sarah Cate and Bryant

Image 1 of Sarah Cate and BryantHow We Met: Bryant and I met in a crowded bar and upon exchanging numbers we discover that this wasn’t the first time we had met. My phone number and full name, spelled perfectly correct (so he swears I must have put it in there), was already in his phone. After a few months of casually dating, and me never letting him live down not calling the first time, we made it official.

how they asked: Bryant and I share a love of travel. We’ve had some many great adventures but when we starting planning a two week European adventure for May 2015 in September 2014, I knew it was going to be the trip of a lifetime and I certainly wasn’t let down.

It was my first trip to Europe and the trip was all I could think of. With my type-a personality, I was working to plan and coordinate every little detail of our adventure, but Bryant is much more a free spirit and was able to talk me into figuring it out along the way.

So upon arriving in London very early on Saturday, May 2nd, we had no real plan. After checking into our hotel and freshening up, we were ready to explore the city. After spending the day taking in all the major sites: Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus… you get the point. It was a packed day and we were exhausted so we started heading back to our hotel, which was across from Hyde Park.

When we got back Bryant asked if I wanted to take a walk through the park and check out Kensington Palace, of course I said yes! After meandering through the park for 15 minutes or so, Bryant asked an older gentleman to take a photo of us.

After taking the first picture Bryant asked for one more and that’s when he dropped to his knee. I was in complete shock but after a lot of laughing and prodding from the gentleman taking the photo I remember to say “yes!”

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