Sarah and Bobby

Bobby & Sarah Proposal 2How We Met: Bobby and I met at an Inland Empire 66ers baseball game on May 11, 2012. Some mutual friends of ours were dating and invited each of us to go with a big group. We only met briefly, but Bobby asked me to come out with a group of people from the game later that night. I had to work super early the next morning and declined. A few weeks the same mutual friends were going out dancing at a place called “Montana’s” and invited each of us again. Bobby said he’d “only come if your friend from the game was going.” Of course I had to go after hearing that! We talked and danced, and I gave him my number at the end of the night. He didn’t know my last name at the time, so he put me in his phone as “Sarah Montana,” and that’s still how it is to this day.

how they asked: Let’s just start with the fact that he had everything planned out perfectly. Like to the tee. Nothing left to chance. Bobby and his friend Chris (remember that name) had joked the night before that if plan A, B, and C all failed, he would text Bobby the word, “Dominion.” Well, Dominion happened. But thanks to all of that planning and some very dedicated, brave, and inventive friends, we had the best proposal ever. I’m such a lucky girl.

The morning of the proposal, I knew I had to pack a picnic lunch, and bring a nice to outfit change into for the evening. All I knew at this point was that Bobby had gotten a Groupon for a horse drawn carriage ride, complete with a bottle of wine.

Bobby took me for a horse-drawn carriage ride in Temecula, California, and then sat and had a picnic in one of their wedding venues overlooking the hills and valley. Then he asked me what I wanted to do next. He threw out ideas like going to the beach, the zoo, Old Town Temecula, whatever I wanted to do. I decided it would be too late to go to the zoo – the animals would all be sleeping (Bobby knew I wouldn’t pick the zoo). I decided that we should wander around Old Town and then go to the beach. So that’s what we did. He let me go into all the froofy stores he normally hates, but snuck out to “make dinner reservations.” He was really calling his friends to check on the status of The Plan. The dinner reservations had been made for a few weeks.

Carriage Ride

Bobby told me he knew where he wanted to go for dinner and that they had a reservation at 6pm, but it was all the way in Laguna Beach. I thought, Wouldn’t it be easier to drive to Oceanside or some other beach that’s not 2 hours away?? Nope, he has a plan, we’re having a great day, I’m just gonna go with it. So we drove out to Laguna. Sometime after we parked and started walking to the restaurant, he got the text from Chris (remember him?) saying, “Dominion,” meaning, all bets are off – we have to wing it. As you can imagine, my man-with-a-plan started to get just a little distracted. We continued on to our very fancy dinner, me very much enjoying every minute completely unaware, Bobby wondering what in the world was about to happen.

Meanwhile, Bobby’s friends were searching for a new place for Bobby to propose. The original spot on the beach (Plan A) had been taken over by high tide, as had Plan B. Plan C was a bench near the beach, and since Plan A and B, were so great, the guys decided they could do better than a bench for Plan C. They had been hanging out at the beach all day which of course meant long-haired Chris chasing a Frisbee into the ocean in his Jesus Loves Isla Vista t-shirt. They walked up and down the beach until Chris found a gorgeous mansion with a balcony and about a hundred steps leading down to the beach. Chris told the other guys, “That’s the place. If they’re outside, we’re asking if we can have the proposal there.” So that’s what they did. The man of the house wasn’t convinced it was a good idea, so he sent them away. Shortly thereafter, Chris saw the man and his wife out in the driveway looking around. He knew they were looking for him. He jumped out of the car and ran across Pacific Coast Highway and said, “What do you think?!” They said, “Come on in!”

Back at the restaurant, at the end of dinner Bobby snuck away to call his friends and find out where to go. He asked me if I was up for an adventure. I said, “Of course!”

After a nervous wrong turn or two, Bobby pulled up to a mansion and parked in the driveway. I asked, “Is this a house?”

Bobby said, “…Yep.”

“Are we supposed to park in the driveway?”


We walked through a gate and down a staircase lined with candles in white paper bags. At this point I was thinking, Wow, this really is an adventure. I think we’re totally interrupting someone’s special event or something… Oh well, keep following! At the bottom of the stairs were rose petals and a dance floor on the balcony outlined with shells and candles. Bobby dropped down to one knee and proposed. I said, “Yes, of course!”

Bobby & Sarah Proposal 1

We danced to a playlist of our songs that Bobby had made. We laughed together about the many, many lies Bobby had told during the planning to keep it all a secret. I kept saying, “I get to keep you!”

Eventually we walked down to the beach and put our feet in the water (as is my tradition – I just can’t go to the beach and not have sand between my toes).

Bobby & Sarah Proposal 3

There was one surprise left for me even after all of that. We drove back to a brewery in Corona where our friends and family were waiting to celebrate.

Perfect, perfect day.