Sarah Ann and Bryson

How We Met

Bryson and I met back in 2006 through mutual friends. He was starting high school as a freshman and I was just entering my sophomore year. At the time, we didn’t know that we would be a couple. It wasn’t until the next year that he and I had started dating. We hung out a lot at the park down the street from my house during the few months together. Over the years, we ended up breaking up and getting back together a few times. This time around, all it took was a ride home from work.

November 2014, I was working at Jack in the Box as a team lead, and Bryson was working at King Soopers as a cashier. Since I don’t drive, I usually walked home. That changed when Bryson dropped by Jack in the Box one night and offered to give me a lift home. I’m glad that I took him up on that. Mostly because on December 1, he asked me if I’d like to be his girlfriend again, and I said yes.

Image 1 of Sarah Ann and Bryson William

how they asked

The week before Bryson asked me to marry him, he asked me which date sounded more romantic: November 9th or November 13th. Since the 13th was a Friday, I felt that the 9th would be more romantic. That sparked my suspicions that he was getting ready to propose to me.

November 9th comes up, and it was a laid-back kind of day. We did a couple favors for my mom, then he took me to 3 Margaritas for lunch. He wanted to treat me to something nice, but I went easy on the bill and tried the special for the day.

Afterwards, he then took me to Roosevelt Park Rose Garden, where he walked me over to the pagoda in the middle of the garden, dropped down on one knee (he was pretending to tie his shoe), pulled the ring box out, and he proposed to me right there.