Sarah and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met at a college party in August 2012. It was the first weekend of my freshman year, and first of his senior year. I went to a party with my “friends”, but once we got there they quickly ditched me to go outside and smoke! So I, being the awkward freshman, stood in the kitchen for probably 20 minutes alone watching people play beer pong. Finally, right at the stroke of midnight, this guy approached me and asked me if I wanted to play. All I can remember thinking is that he’s REALLY tall! (He’s 6’2, I’m 5’2).

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We played for a while and won 4 out of 5. After we finally lost, he asked me if I wanted to go outside with him to talk and hang out, and I of course agreed. We sat on the sidewalk in front of the house under the stars for a good couple hours. We ended up leaving the party around 2:30 am, but hung out and talked until 5:30 am. We almost didn’t work out though- I was so sleep deprived that next morning that I gave him the wrong number!

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The number I gave him belonged to a different girl named Sara ironically, so he thought he was texting me but he wasn’t. I thought he just didn’t really like me so he wasn’t texting me! I finally checked my college email and saw I had an email from Andrew. He somehow managed to remember my last name and searched for me through the database, and found me. Thank goodness he did- nearly 5 years, a dog, and a house later, we’re still loving every minute together.

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how they asked

Let me preface this by saying when I was about 10 or so, I was a horse crazy kid. I was watching tv one day and came across the listing for the Rolex 3 Day Event in Kentucky. (A 3 day event is where horses and riders compete over 3 days in 3 separate disciplines- dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping.) They were replaying the highlights of the event on TV, and I remember watching it and thinking it was the coolest thing ever, and dreaming of the day I’d be able to see it in person. Come 2014, Andrew and I finally figured out logistics and were able to go for the weekend! It was our first time to Kentucky and a big horse show together, and it quickly became my favorite weekend of the year, and we’ve gone every year since. When this year’s event finally rolled around, I kind of knew the proposal was coming. I knew he had the ring and I knew he had a plan. He was also subconsciously dropping hints- while I was scrolling through vintage rings on Instagram (as I always do), he oh so casually asked me if I was excited to go to Kentucky! That’s pretty much when I knew it was going to happen. (I also saw him not so subtly tuck the ring box into his pocket while we were getting ready to leave, but I pretended I didn’t notice…)

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We got to the horse park around 10:30 that morning and wandered around the cross country course for a while until we decided we were hungry, so we headed to the stadium. While we were eating, he not so subtly asked if there were any monuments in the park and if I wanted to go get my picture in front of one (another big flag- he never wants to take pictures!). I told him there was a statue around the back and we headed over to get our picture taken. After waiting for others to finish their pictures, he handed a girl his phone and, unbeknownst to me, handed her a note that said he was going to propose and to take lots of photos. He finally comes back over and is awkwardly standing in front of the statue, so I told him “that’s not how you take a photo” and turned to the side to move and give him some space to stand next to me. When I looked back he was on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

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I remember hearing someone say “oh my gosh he’s proposing!” and when I said yes there were a bunch of cheers from the crowd around us. He really made it the Best Weekend All Year!

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