Sarah and Zach

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In our living room!

How We Met

We met doing a film together the summer before my senior year in college in Cleveland, Ohio. We had to do a scene where he flirtatiously threw popcorn at me while I was on the phone with someone else, so the first 30-minutes that we had ever known each other is on tape–it’s pretty cute! In between takes, we talked and found out he went to my school for undergrad a few years earlier and we knew a lot of the same people! Then he friended me on Facebook pretty fast, and I jokingly said, “Facebook already? Creeper!”. He always tells me how he thought it was over as soon as I said that, and he had no chance with me. He was definitely wrong!

He had just finished his first year of grad school in Chicago, and I was planning on going to London for a yearl immediately after undergrad, so we didn’t take things too seriously at first. We had a mutual love for Avatar: The Last Airbender, acting, and Steelers football, and just enjoyed each other’s company, both on and off set. A month later we decided to give long distance a shot while I stayed in Ohio for my last year of college and he went back to Chicago for school. We did that for a year, then I went off to London to get my Master’s while he wrapped up his last year at DePaul. Two years long distance, first a six-hour drive, then a six-hour time difference. It was tough, but technology is amazing and we were able to “see” each other at least once a day!

Ultimately, getting through that made us grow as individuals while still being together, which made us so much stronger when I finally came to Chicago and we moved in together. The two years apart was definitely worth it!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In our living room!

how they asked

Well, to sum it up, he had a very thoughtful plan all laid out, and he got too nervous and did it a day early!

We were both working a lot leading up to the summer and nicer weather, so he suggested we take Saturday off to go ride bikes along the Lake Shore Drive with our two friends and their son, to which I enthusiastically agreed! The night before, we were in our lounge-clothes, doing our own thing while waiting for pizza dough to rise (we make homemade pizza every Friday!) and it looked like the weather was not going to be ideal for a bike ride the next day. I was obviously blissfully ignorant of the significance of tomorrow, so was disappointed but okay with having to cancel our plans if necessary.

He was not. “What if the weather’s really bad? What if it’s fine and we ride our bikes and she’s all sweaty and feels gross so when our friend takes pictures of the proposal she gets upset? How am I supposed to keep this ring box in my pocket without looking obvious? I could bring a bag and put it in there, but who brings a big bag on a bike ride?” were all questions racing through his mind while I was working on my planner, watching Netflix, in my PJs, totally oblivious.

He was keeping the ring in his closet and, in his words, “It was just calling to me, ‘Do it now!'”. So he got up, went to the closet, came to where I was sitting on the couch, opens the box and asks me to marry him!

I gasped, jumped back like he gave me “a spider instead of a ring” (his words), and said “You can’t mess with me right now!” I didn’t believe him! It was completely unexpected.

I knew we were going to get married. I knew the engagement was happening soon-ish. But NOT that soon!

My exact words were, “I mean, yes, duh!!”

The weather ended up being perfect the next day, so we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Lake Shore Drive and took a few quick engagement pictures with our friends. It was a pretty great weekend!

Special Thanks

Jacque Pfaff
 | Photographer