Sarah and William

How We Met

We work in the same hospital together, and at first I was not at all about talking to him. He kept his distance for a little while, but was actually convinced by one of the nurses we work with to just go for it. He approached me, and I gave him the cold shoulder because I had recently gotten out of a relationship with a co-worker, and I vowed to never do it again. He won me over with his sense of humor, and we started hanging out. Sooner rather than later we hit it off, and we’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since. He has a 4 year old son who I love & adore, and seeing how great of a father he is definitely helped in making my decision.

Proposal Ideas Stowe, VT

Sarah's Proposal in Stowe, VT

how they asked

Will & I are avid hikers and adventure seekers. Our favorite past-time together is rock climbing, so naturally when he decided to propose, he wanted to make me work for it and sought the biggest adventure he could think of. We had a trip planned to Stowe, VT with friends of ours and he knew this would be a good time to propose. He called the hotel we were staying at and asked their wedding coordinator for some ideas. She gave him the usual run of the mill stuff, but then said “if you REALLY want to wow her, take her to ‘the Chin’ but it will be a really difficult hike”. The Chin is the peak of Mt. Mansfield, it’s elevation is 4,393 feet. For reference, Will and I usually hike around 2,500 feet. He immediately knew this was what he wanted to do. We arrived in Vermont, got ready, and set out to hike. Originally, the plan was to take an auto toll road that lead up to a visitor center at one of the lower peaks, then take the short, but really hard hike to the top. We got to the toll road at 4:36 PM. It closed at 4:30. The woman at the gate wouldn’t budge at letting us up, and I said to Will “let’s just try tomorrow”. Of course, I didn’t know that this was the plan so I wasn’t really in a rush to get up there. He asked if there was any other way, and she said “You could hike it from the trail a couple miles up the road.” And we did. We hiked that gigantic elevation in what was really only about 3 miles, but because of the gain it was a really steep and hard hike. When we got to the trail that lead to the Chin, we couldn’t believe what we were looking at. Literal boulders that needed to be climbed over, crawled under, and leapt across were the way to the top. We did it, somehow. One of our friends almost fell off the side of the cliff. When we got to the top, our friend Brenden decided his legs wouldn’t go anymore and he had to take a break. Will pleaded with him that it was just a little further, and we made it to the peak. I stood with Will for a picture, because we made it up just in time for an indescribable sunset. As I walked over to see how the pictures looked, Will was behind my back getting the ring out of his back pack. He called me back over to the edge for one more shot. He looked at me and said “Well we made it all the way up here. I brought you up here to ask you something.” And got down on one knee. My immediate reaction was “Are you kidding me?!” Including an expletive, as is my nature. And then he asked me to marry him, I was sobbing so hard I just nodded and then he forced the “Yes!” out of me. It was incredible and a moment I’ll never forget. As romantic as this sunset proposal was, we had to climb back down this mountain. In the dark. We knew we couldn’t go back the way we came, so we took the long trail down. It felt like it was never ending. Finally, we came out into a state park. 21 miles from where we had parked our car, on the OTHER SIDE of the mountain. A park ranger gave us the numbers for a few cab companies, and finally we found one open in this sleepy little town at 11:30 at night. We walked another 3 miles to the corner of a main road so that our cab could pick us up, and bring us back to our hotel so we could eat MRE’s for dinner at 1am. It was an adventure for sure, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better