Sarah and Wes

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How We Met

Wes and I met in our second year of college at UCSD. We were part of the same Christian fellowship and became best friends in our third year. We would go out to eat together, ride the shuttle home from school together, and hang out all the time. Our friends would always poke fun of us but we’d just laugh it off and say we were just friends. I always had a feeling Wes liked me…and eventually I knew I liked him too. Near the end of our senior year, we finally confessed our feelings and went on a couple of dates. On a rainy May night, Wes asked me to be his girlfriend!

how they asked

Wes and I had made plans to dress up nice and eat dinner with some friends on a Saturday night. I had been hanging out at home all day with my sister and the rest of my family had been gone all day. When Wes came over, he encouraged me to start getting ready even though I thought it was too early. I started to suspect something was up when Wes and my sister suggested we all walk our dog Fluffy… in our fancy clothes! So I got ready and left with them.

Image 2 of Sarah and Wes

As we walked Fluffy around our complex’s grassy area, we turned the corner to the playground. I saw some of our friends with their cameras and two of our friends started playing “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Wes led me to an arch of vines where he had hung up 20 drawings of our relationship. We went through each one and smiled at all the memories. Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…and I said yes!

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At that moment, about 40 of our friends and family came out from behind bushes and trees and I burst into tears. Friends from college had traveled to see us and almost our whole church group was there! Wes and my family (who had been gone buying food and drinks all day) had set up a party in a nearby clubhouse and we spent the rest of the night celebrating with all our loved ones.

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