Sarah and Wayde

How We Met

Wayde worked for Fremont Police Dept & his co-worker’s wife & I went to school together. I was on my way home from Nashville when she started messaging me about Lasik eye surgery. As that conversation was wrapping up she started asking tons of personal questions like if I had children, if I was in a relationship, etc. (I hadn’t talked to her since graduating and that was about 8 years prior) and I answered of course then inquired about why the heck she needed to know all the details in my life. She had then mentioned Wayde & told me to reach out to him. Me being stubborn denied but mentioned if he was interested he was more than welcome to reach out. Couple of minutes later, he was texting me.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hocking Hills, OH

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hocking Hills, OH

How They Asked

Wayde & I took our annual trip to Hocking Hills in southeastern Ohio. Once we got the camper all set up and situated we set out for an evening hike. There just so happened to be miles of trails, right at our campground. After trying to figure out the map, which did not match the trails entirely, he pointed down and said: “that bench is where we need to be.” Mind you it was getting dark and we were definitely getting lost. I was ready to just head back and call it quits. He talked me into continuing on the trail. After about 2 hours we reached the bottom and we started taking family photos on the bridge. We always take our photos in Hocking for our Christmas cards. I had no idea what was happening, his camera filled book bag was totally normal. After the last picture, I almost fell over the dog, caught myself & when I turned around he was down on one knee. It was absolutely perfect and peaceful. Not a soul in sight; just us and Mother Nature! A day I will never forget.