Sarah and Vincent

Sarah's Proposal in Orlando, Florida

How We Met

In 2015 I started working for an insurance company as an accountant. I was finally starting in my career and was focused on building my life by myself. Dating wasn’t really going well for me so I decided to stop and focus on me. Every day at lunch this guy I would see around kept staring at me. As flattering as it was I wanted it to stop. I didn’t want any distractions to get between me and my new career. After many attempts of his cheesy jokes in the break room and him nonchalantly walking by my desk, I finally introduced myself. I friend requested him on FB. I was a little worried at first as I didn’t want it to look bad at work, but I’m glad I did! He messaged me on Facebook and we started talking nonstop. I couldn’t get enough of him! He was sweet yet so stinkin funny with his quick wit and cheesy jokes! After going out on several dates with him I knew something was different about this one.

how they asked

Fast forward seven months: we went to Orlando Florida and went on the Orlando eye (Farris wheel). That’s where he first told me he loved me (several hundred feet in the air!) Fast forward again: (now together for two years) this past October my family and his family all planned to go to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida as a big “family” trip. I thought it was a little weird how everyone was so willing to go the same weekend at the same time. No one’s schedules were conflicting strangely. Though not giving it two thoughts I was excited. Low and behold we end up back on the Orlando Eye so our “family could experience it.” Sure enough, my boyfriend proposed to me on 10/21/2017 surrounded by our family. I couldn’t have been more surprised and happy! I, obviously, said yes!

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