Sarah and Tyler

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How We Met

We had been friends for quite a few years. Tyler is in the Marines, and I was your typical college sorority girl. I was in New Jersey and he was stationed in North Carolina.

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I am best friends with his cousin and he was coming up for another cousin’s wedding so she hooked us up not thinking it would ever turn into anything serious.

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While he was up, we had made plans to hang out but it didn’t wind up working out. He added me on facebook and messaged me with just small talk and a few weeks later came back up to New Jersey and asked for my number. Still, we didn’t hang out, which didn’t really bother me, only because I never wanted to be a Marine girlfriend, never wanted a long distance relationship and never thought it would work. We would text and catch up from time to time, but nothing serious.

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However, all that changed. On Valentine’s day he started texting me all the time, and by all the time I mean I have not gone one day without talking to him since. Within two weeks of texting every day he basically said to me, ‘either you’re coming down to NC or I’m coming up to NJ’.

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Sounds crazy, but two weeks after that, I was on a plane to go meet the man who’d wind up being the love of my life.

how they asked

Considering how far we live apart, every time we have ever seen each other its been at an airport.

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The weekend I came down to NC for New Years was like any other weekend. I came down on Friday afternoon and he came to pick me up after he got out of work.

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He took my bags for me and we started walking to his truck. I felt his hand shaking but didn’t think anything of it since its always exciting whenever we’re together. He opened the truck door for me, and I got in while he put my stuff in the back. He gave me his keys and asked me to start the truck and when I turned around to see why he hadn’t shut the door yet, he was on one knee. Of course, I said YES!

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