Sarah and Tyler

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On a Carnival Cruise in the middle of the Caribbean

How We Met

Tyler’s story— The most beautiful tears of joy were shed as we stepped into the next phase of our life together. I’ve known Sarah since freshman year of college, and the thing she didn’t know is that she was the first crush I ever had in college. She was beautiful, smart, and hilarious; and I never thought I stood a chance! (Truth be told, I still don’t.) I would have married her on the spot! But God had a different plan for us.

Though she might be clumsy sometimes, she has so much grace in her walk. Though she may hurt, she has so much love overflowing for others. In the tough moments I have seen others fall on their face, I’ve seen her stand tall, strong, and willing to do whatever necessary. She points my eyes towards our Father and I hope to lead her as we walk together the rest of our lives!

I walked into the church not even a month after I prayed this: “Lord, work out your kingdom agenda in me. I am yours. Let me be a living sacrifice, salt, and light. If you bring someone into my life who submits to your will and will help me love you more, then let that person be evident to me. Let me not miss your provision. And if not, let me be content with your provision and at ease in my singleness as I seek first the kingdom of Heaven.”

Proposal Ideas On a Carnival Cruise in the middle of the Caribbean

There she was.

Fast forward and I’m getting to marry the woman of my dreams! I am so honored and thankful for her and I can’t wait for our life with the wife I’ve prayed for! @ Caribbean Ocean

how they asked

Sarah’s story— Tyler & I met seven years ago in college. I’m pretty sure he would have married me then, but I had a couple more toads to kiss before I realized he was my Prince Charming. I ran into him again last fall during a tough season & he was a complete Godsend! It was 100% handcrafted by our Father. (Another story for another day). We had booked a cruise to Mexico about 5 months ago, & he promised me he wouldn’t ask me to marry him on the cruise so that I could relax the whole trip without being nervous. It was formal night & also my best friend’s (Kelsea) birthday, so we got all dressed up to celebrate! We decided to go to the back of the boat because we wanted pictures made in our formal wear at sunset (completely clueless).

Kelsea & Griff left before us so that we could surprise her with birthday decorations all over the room. When I got to the stairs at the back of the boat, Griffin met us there & grabbed the present for Kelsea & phone out of my hand. I thought “Wow, that was weird! But I guess I am in a dress & I’m super clumsy,” so I didn’t question it. When I got to the bottom of the stairs leading to the back deck, I saw a photographer & Kelsea waiting there with a bowl of water, towel, & chair.

Tyler grabbed my hands & began to read a letter to me with a prayer he had written down a year ago asking God to only provide him with a Godly woman that would pursue Jesus with him. I truly thought I was going to throw up from a mixture of excitement & nerves. He got down on one knee & asked me to love him forever & be his wife! Then, he read scripture to me about how Jesus served His disciples by washing their feet. He said, “so I would like our first act as an engaged couple to be me serving you in love by washing your feet.” God is good & so is my Fiancé!!!

Sarah and Tyler's Engagement in On a Carnival Cruise in the middle of the Caribbean

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Marriage Proposal Ideas in On a Carnival Cruise in the middle of the Caribbean

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