Sarah and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I went to the same high school growing up. We never really talked but we knew each other. He was one if the popular athletic guys and I actually didn’t care for him too much (because I didn’t know him at all obviously) I actually told people not to vote for him for prom king because I didn’t think he had enough school spirit haha! One day we went to the same church group baseball game after we had both graduated and sat beside each other coincidentally, and the rest is history! We have been together for three and a half years now and I have never felt so loved and happy. He is the most amazing man I have ever met. He is so kind, caring, and has the biggest heart for people. He is so selfless and brings a smile to my face every single day. He has completely changed my life for the better and I cannot wait to call him my husband.

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how they asked

Tyler asked me to go on a quick vacation to the beach with his family for the weekend. I’ve gone with them on several trips before so this was nothing out of the ordinary! This was right around our three year anniversary! One night he had said he wanted to take me to our favorite restaurant that was about an hour away from where we were staying. So we got ready and headed that way.

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We got to our favorite little restaurant (Provision Co.) that overlooked the water and then went out to the beach to watch the sunset. We got closer to the sand and I saw a heart made of rose petals (that his family had set up while we were eating) and as we got closer I could hear the song “Marry Me” by Train playing in the background. I was in shock!

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He knelt to one knee and asked me to marry him and of course, I said YES!! Little did I know, he had asked our friend, (who is also an amazing photographer) to come along and take pictures to capture this amazing moment.

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Then we went back to our beach house and he had my family along with his family set up an engagement party for us! I was so surprised to see them there! He did a WONDERFUL job.

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Special Thanks

Devin Purgason
 | Photographer