Sarah and Tommy

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How We Met

Our love story started like many others do- through mutual friends- and yet we quickly realized this was anything but typical. We had found what we had been searching for all our lives. Love. Friendship. Forever.

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We met in August of 2014. Tommy is a Naval Officer and right after we met he had to go down to Florida for 2 weeks for work. We spent the entire time emailing each other and getting to know one another. When he got back he took me on our first official date, and we’ve been together ever since.

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how they asked

On December 17th, we visited Busch Gardens, Williamsburg’s Christmas Town. This wasn’t our first visit, as we had been the years prior, but it was slated to be a night to remember. A little over two years after our fateful meeting, Tommy had planned to propose. The night started off uneventful as we spent the first few hours wandering the park, taking in the beautiful sights and sipping mulled wine. Then around 7 o’clock, Tommy suggested that we ride the skyline. I didn’t think anything of this because it was, in fact, my favorite ride during this time.

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It boasts a spectacular 360-degree birdseye view of the park’s roughly 8 million lights display. It’s breathtaking. When we approached the gate I saw the huge line and became discouraged. Tommy took my hand and rushed me up the exit where we were greeted by a staff member who asked if we had a “quick queue pass”. He said we did and I thought, “Wow! How great that he planned ahead like this” as we boarded the gondola. Little did I know…

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As we suspended over the Rhine River lined with dozens of twinkling trees, I could hear the faint sounds of Christmas music. It was magical. Suddenly we positioned over a rooftop which had a message projected on top of it: “Sarah, Will You Marry Me?- Tommy”. Stunned, I turned around to see my fiancé-to-be on one knee and grinning ear to ear. The tears streamed down my face and he jokingly had to remind me that I had yet to answer him. Of course, I said yes!

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In a park filled with people, he managed to find the one place where we could experience that moment in private. It was perfect. As we returned down to earth (literally and figuratively) we were greeted by staff with glasses of champagne and photos. I couldn’t have asked for anything more special! We are now planning our wedding and a life together. He is a Navy pilot so we know that our future may be a little unpredictable, but we also know that we can take on anything now that we are doing it together!

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Special Thanks

Amanda Inglis
 | Photographer