Sarah and Thomas

Where to Propose in Victoria Beach, CA

How We Met

I was a freshman in high school and he was a sophomore. Older “boy” that played baseball and I was hooked! We would meet up in the hallways between classes. He went on to play college baseball in Philadelphia

and I played college softball at the University of Iowa, so we have hopes of the long distance thing coming to an end!

how they asked

So! I was visiting Thomas, who is completing his masters in southern CA, for Thanksgiving break. We had the whole week planned out, but he wouldn’t tell me what we were doing on Tuesday. We completed a phenomenal hike that morning and he wanted to watch the sunset on the beach. Me being me, I insisted in staying in my workout clothes, yet Thomas convinced me to change (thank goodness!). We reach the bottom of the stairs leading to the beach and he pointed out a rolled up piece of paper and said, “what is that?”

Proposal Ideas Victoria Beach, CA

Now I started to get nervous, in a good way. We followed the map until finding the X where a chest was buried. Inside the chest was a bracelet that said “I wont drop it this time”. To give some back story, when he asked me out originally during my freshman year of HS he used a livestrong bracelet but dropped it because he was nervous and I still tease him about it. When I looked up, Thomas was getting on one knee. And the rest was history! Two of my friends and some of his grad school friends were there as well, it was amazing!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Victoria Beach, CA

Special Thanks

Lauren Kim
 | Photographer