Sarah and Thomas

how we met

I went to college near Sarah’s hometown and was friends with a bunch of her high school friends. She went away to college though and never came home, so I had never seen her around. When I graduated from college I landed a great job in the area, so I stuck around. Sarah finally returned from college after she graduated, rekindled her friendship with her high school friends, and started going out in the area. I saw a picture that Kassie (my college friend) had posted with Sarah in it and thought,”Who is that beautiful girl and where did she come from?”

One day I asked Sarah on a date, in which she said she was busy. Oddly enough she was busy the next several times I asked. Little did I know she was playing hard to get with just about every guy that was interested in her, and didn’t give any guy a chance. I stayed persistent though, and got my first date with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. We continued to go on dates, and she eventually realized that I worth a chance. We have been together for two and a half years and it’s been happily ever after ever since!

how they asked

It was Mother’s Day weekend and we were out with Tommy’s family at a winery celebrating the holiday. It was one of my favorite wineries and we were having a blast, especially because both of his sisters were home that weekend which is rare. All of a sudden, my family walked in and Tommy told me that he wanted to surprise me and invite my family so we can all celebrate Mother’s Day weekend together. I was so surprised and so happy to have both of our families there! About 15 minutes went by and all of a sudden Tommy gave me this look. At that moment I knew he was going to propose and everything made sense. He went on saying, “Sarah this isn’t the only surprise I had for you, you make me the happiest girl in the world and I want to be with you forever.” I am actually not sure exactly what he said after that because I was so surprised, but it was something super sweet. He stood up from his seat and got down on one knee. I instantly popped up from my seat. I was so surprised I was shaking, the whole world seemed like it had just stopped. I said yes of course, and everyone at the entire winery was cheering for us. It was honestly like a scene in a movie.

Special Thanks

Tasha Puckey Photography
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