Sarah and Thomas

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Madison Square Garden

How We Met

Tommy and I met online and hit it off right away. After about a week of talking online, we got together for coffee and a stroll through the local wildlife center. We hit it off, and every year since we repeat our first date.

How They Asked

I bought these amazing seats to a preseason Rangers game for my fiance’s early birthday present and he turned it into the most special night. He arranged for my mom, brother, and his mom to be at the game (and they almost ruined the whole surprise!) When we got into the parking garage we ended right behind them in life, and I recognized my mom’s car right away. They later played it off as parking for a conference nearby, but we ran into them once again shortly after in the lobby of Madison Square Garden (where no conferences were being held).

After the second period of the game I looked up at the jumbotron and saw my name along with an inside joke; “Sarah, You are my life’s sweetener. Will you marry me?” I was in shock and turned to see him down on one knee popping the question. My whole plan when he proposed was to jokingly say “finally!”, but I was in such shock that all I could say was ” Oh my god oh my god oh my god” YES.

Special Thanks

Jenna Moore
 | Planning
Lisa Yourman
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