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Marriage Proposal Ideas in Neuschwanstein Castle

How We Met

Roses are red
violets are blue
I don’t need anything because I have you.
As I write that I can’t believe how much truth is in that cheesy statement. Four Valentine’s ago I asked this guy I was talking to on tinder to spend Valentine’s day with me because I didn’t want to spend it alone. I had a boyfriend at the time but he told me he didn’t want to spend Valentine’s together. I was pretty upset and didn’t want to spend the whole day dwelling on the fact that my bf didn’t want to spend Valentine’s with me . I thought about it for a while and out of spite I decided to ask this guy who had been messaging me on tinder to spend Valentine’s with me in Kernville, just as friends. I had a tiny compact car and was too scared to drive the canyon alone but I wanted to go to Whiskey flat days and I figured this was the perfect opportunity and I wouldn’t have to go alone. I never did anything daring or spontaneous so getting in the car with this complete stranger was a totally new experience. He had just moved to California from Hawaii so he wasn’t familiar with anyone or anything, it was definitely a risk. He picked me up that afternoon and we drove up the canyon to Whiskey Flat days. We talked the whole way sort of getting to know each other. The crazy part of that drive thinking back was there wasn’t an awkward silence. We actually started a debate about what color my headband was. We are both competitive so once we got to the festival we decided to walk around and ask people their opinion on the color of my headband and see who was right. I don’t remember the score or who won that little game but I do remember how much fun I had with it. He was unlike anybody I had ever been out with. He was so confident, outgoing, silly he didn’t put on some act. He wasn’t trying for anything, and for the first time in a long time, I felt like I could be me. We spent that whole festival walking and talking about anything and everything. I was just so comfortable with this complete stranger and he never judged me on anything I said or wanted to do, he just willingly did it. One part of that day that stands out in my mind is we went into this saloon. I saw that they had karaoke which was my favorite thing! I mentioned it to Sky just casually and he asked if I wanted to stay and sing. Of course, I did! I couldn’t believe he even offered. It was late at that point and karaoke hadn’t started just yet. I knew he still had to drive back and had work the next day, it would be so late by the time we came back home. He knew I wanted to sing so he said let’s stay. That was the first time any guy had ever done something simply just because they knew it would make me smile. He sang karaoke with me, he danced with me. Some guy even bought me a drink and he didn’t get jealous or mad. Which is the reaction I was so used to? It might have been his charm, or the song that was playing in the saloon, could be that it was Valentine’s day, maybe it was the fact that he was so willing to do whatever I wanted, perhaps it was the liquid courage but whatever the reason, I kissed him. I kissed him In front of everyone in that packed saloon. Craziest part; P.DA. was never my thing, kissing on a first date was not something I did, I had a boyfriend, and lastly, I only knew this man at that point for a total of 10 hours. I didn’t even know his middle name. I remember afterward being embarrassed especially when he was so surprised that I kissed him. We went out on to the balcony and talked a little more, I don’t remember about what. This time he kissed me out there under the stars. It was the perfect night and the perfect Valentine’s.

Where to Propose in Neuschwanstein Castle

How They Asked

First off – I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram – but I was given a giant poster board that had all these post-it notes on it, saying things my boyfriend loved about me. What I didn’t know is underneath the 45 post-it notes, there were pictures of beautiful places. I didn’t know what all of them were, but I did recognize a couple of them. One of the pictures was a print of airline tickets to Europe! The other pictures were places we were going to visit, including the Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen Germany that I had mentioned to him one time about how much I’d love to see it. Castle are my absolute favorite! I have more Disney in me than the average 6-year-old and even started a Princess and Character company. Neuschwanstein Castle is said to have been Walt Disney’s inspiration for his Disney castle, and I’d had it on my bucket list forever!

We left a few short weeks later and arrived in Switzerland. During the last 3 days of the trip, we made it to Germany. We stuck to a pretty tight itinerary and intentionally booked hotels next to the castles in Fussen. In addition to the picture-perfect scenery, they offer a full castle tour. After waking up to thick fog as far as the eye could see – which in this case ended up being about 100 feet, we arranged our schedule a little bit and decided to head indoors to take the tour. I was so disappointed that we had come all that way and I couldn’t even see the beautiful castle. Just before we left, I told Sky that I had this picture saved on my phone that I would like to re-create with the castle in the background.

Proposal Ideas Neuschwanstein Castle

I wanted to dress up like a princess, looking at the castle from afar and have the shot taken with my back to the camera. Little did I know, he was way ahead of me. We hiked over some trails and found the spot to take the photo. The fog had lifted, but just enough to barely make out the outline of the castle. After all that walking uphill, my heart sunk a little. My boyfriend, ever the optimist, said it was no big deal and that we would come back the next day. He assured me the fog would clear and everything would be okay. Somehow I believed him. With the morning sunrise, I could tell he was right and this was going to make for a great photoshoot. I got dressed up (again) in my little Cinderella dress, princess crown, and glass slippers and started our trek back to the spot we’d found. Being an Instagram Influencer, he’s kind of assumed the role of the “boyfriends of Instagram” and regularly takes my photos in various locations.

This time he decided he wanted to buy a tripod with a little remote so we could take them together and not need to bother other visiting tourists. Once we arrived, I was busy scouting out the exact position I wanted while he readied the tripod. I explained what I wanted once again and stood facing the castle with my back to the camera for the shot I wanted. He took a couple of pictures and then came over next to me to join me for some photos. I had no idea what was about to happen, since this had been a semi-regular thing he’d do with me. I love when we get pictures together and so I assumed he was just joining me because he was also dressed up quite nicely. That’s when he got down on his knee. I assumed he was adjusting something for the picture and didn’t realize what was happening. When I finally turned towards him, I was in shock!

We had been together for almost 4 years and never really talked about a wedding or tried on rings like most couples do, so it came as a huge surprise. He opened the ring box and inside was the most perfect ring I could have imagined. It was shaped like a tiara and so beautiful! On top of that, he had designed the ring himself! And he pretends not to have any artistic ability. Pssh. Apart from its perfect symbolism for my personality, it carried additional significant meaning, which I didn’t learn for several weeks. He was seeing if I would figure it out. It has a diamond in the center with 2 sapphires surrounding it. This happens to be my favorite stone. There are a couple medium diamonds underneath and then 14 small diamonds below. They are symbolizing the date we met – 2/14. I would have told this guy yes if he had proposed in the drive-thru line of McDonald’s so of course I said, “Yes!”

We finished the afternoon by taking a horse-drawn carriage down the mountain to the lake where he rented a paddleboat and we paddled the boat across one of the most beautiful and crystal clear lakes in Germany – Lake Alpsee. Just before we left, we met an old man who had been coming to the castle for years and sketching it with pencils. He drew one of the most incredible pictures I’ve ever seen (by memory no less!) and gave it to me as a keepsake for me to remember the day. It was absolutely a dream come true and I still can’t believe it happened! Now I am planning a Cinderella themed wedding because that’s the only way to follow that proposal. I designed my own dress and found an incredible seamstress making it for me. We will be getting married at Castle Manor in September and I’m so excited! And of course we’ll be renting a carriage!

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