Sarah and Sean

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How We Met

Sean and I met through mutual friends. A girl I worked with asked if I wanted to go on a double date with her & her husband and a friend of theirs. I was very hesitant at first but decided to go. Sean was a total gentleman. There was no hesitation when it came time to pay the bill and after that night we talked nonstop. A few weeks went by and we had the “what are we” talk. We both knew there was something between us and decided to pursue it.

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how they asked

It was the Saturday before Christmas and Sean and I decided to exchange Christmas gifts early. He went above and beyond with my gifts and got me things I had mentioned months previous. After exchanging gifts we were supposed to meet up with some friends for lunch. I was being difficult because I just wanted to spend time at home relaxing. Sean convinced me that we should go, so off we went to the downtown McKinney square to eat at one of my favorite restaurantsu89. We meet up with our friends and they suggest we get our picture in front of the big Christmas tree. At that moment in time, I was very hangry and wanted to go eat already.

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Our friends took their picture first and then it was our turn. We’re standing there for the picture and little did I know my friend was recording instead of just taking a picture. After she said “1-2-3” you can hear me say “okay are we done yet?” on the video. I turn around and see Sean down on one knee holding a sign that said “I love your eyes, will you marry me?”. I was in total shock. I was not expecting it at all and then felt really guilty for being so moody all morning. I of course said yes and we laugh at that memory all the time now. He truly loves me for better or for worse. I can’t wait for August 5, 2018 to get here!

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Special Thanks

Laney Harris
 | Laney was the friend we were meeting up with for lunch who video’d the proposal
H&N photographer
 | Engagement photo photographer