Sarah and Samuel

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How We Met

The summer before I began my freshman year at Appalachian State, one of my youth leaders at church introduced Sam and I. Since he was a senior there, she thought Sam would be a good reference for all things Boone. For years, we went to the same church, lived 20 minutes away from each other, had mutual friends, but somehow never crossed paths – with the exception of the one introduction. A year later, Sam was beginning his graduate program at App State, and I was preparing to begin my sophomore year there. We were both good friends with our pastor, Andy, back home. One day, one of Sam’s best friends, Megan, told me she and Andy decided that Sam and I would be “the cutest Boone couple”. Since they know both of us so well, I took a chance and went to a campus ministry that he played worship for, in hopes of starting up conversation. We talked for a brief moment after the service, but nothing came of it for awhile. A few weeks later, I was on campus getting coffee and I saw Sam across the coffee shop. But before we could talk, he was gone. Later that night he messaged me and said he saw me at the coffee shop and was sorry he couldn’t talk because he was running late to meet someone. Conversation took off from there, which quickly led to him asking me out on a date to get coffee. It was the first time we ever had hung out together and ended up talking on a park bench for over 3 hours.

how they asked

The weekend before my final exams, the executive board of my sorority decided to take formal pictures together. Saturday morning, I got all dressed up and met all of them for breakfast, before we headed to campus. We were supposed to meet our photographer at a coffee shop on campus, but once we got there, it was closed. Sam’s cousin was sitting outside, with a note for me in her hand. When I opened it, it read, “Meet me where it all began”, with a drawing of a bench. Immediately I began freaking out, completely thrown off and unsure of what was happening. My friends and I walked to the bench where Sam and I had our first date, to find a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a note sitting on it. Once I read the lyrics to “Best Friend” by Jason Mraz, Sam had walked around the corner and was standing in front of me. I’m sure he said some wonderful things, but I was in such shock I couldn’t tell you what he told me! He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! After all the excitement and taking photos with the secret photographer he hired, he told me he had another surprise planned. We drove a ways out of town, to a restaurant where both our families were waiting to celebrate with us!

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Special Thanks

Madison Frink
 | Photographer