Sarah and Saman

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How We Met

I have always been a firm believer in timing. Our story began 4 years ago in university, where I met saman 2 weeks before he was graduating. I was never one to make the first move so I resorted to staring at him until he finally approached me. Let’s just say that first conversation was the beginning of something huge. Saman came into my life at the exact right time for both of us. We were inseparable from the first day we met and he truly was and is my best friend. Academia is a big part of who we both are so meeting in that small university study room seemed like a fairy tale (for our nerdy hearts). Not only is education important but our families are extremely important to both of us as well, so having their support made our bond even stronger. Here is a picture of one of the first trips we went on together (Niagara Falls, 2013).

how they asked

A week before the date Saman informed me that he was invited to a real estate event downtown to meet other brokers in the Toronto area. He asked if I would like to join, as there were some people he wanted me to meet. It being a Monday I was worried I would have to take time off work (I am a PhD student), until my professor e-mailed me saying the he wouldn’t be in the following week and that I should take some time off (at the time not knowing he was in on it). The event was taking place at a hotel I have been dying to go to for the past year or so. When I was trying to decide what to wear for the event he suggested I wear the dress that (coincidentally enough) he convinced me to purchase a week prior for our friends wedding. I love dressing up so I obviously was like yeah! When we first arrived at the Thompson Hotel the staff escorted us up to the rooftop where the event was taking place. As soon as I stepped out of the elevator and looked outside I realized there was no event. He proposed to me on the rooftop at sunset, overlooking the beautiful Toronto skyline in the city where we first fell in love.

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Special Thanks

Dustin Newhook
 | Photographer
Merly Grewal
 | Planning