Sarah and Sam

How We Met

Sam and Sarah first met on JDate – a Jewish dating site in January 2013. Due to Sarah’s lifelong dream of marrying a man with a British accent, she was instantly intrigued. The first official date involved a night out in New Brunswick, NJ and ended with Sarah returning home to her roommates proclaiming she was “in love”.


how they asked

Sam knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sarah long before he popped the question. I guess at the point where he knew, their relationship was still young and he felt there were many milestones that should come before a proposal. So Sam decided to spend two years creating a proposal so that it would be special for when it was time. He took videos all over the world whenever he travelled for work or for pleasure and in each video he subliminally sounded out a letter.

On the day of the proposal, Sam had planned a fancy dinner at the Highlawn Pavilion at the top of Eagle Rock reservation in Montclair, NJ a favorite spot that Sam and Sarah always took their out of town friends to, for a view of the Manhattan skyline. Before entering the restaurant, while admiring the view, Sam mentioned to Sarah that he’d prepared a video for the occasion. The video featured two years worth of Sam making clips everywhere from New Zealand to Costa Rica and from England to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. At the end of the video, each letter was put together in sequence, spelling out WILL YOU MARRY ME. After the last letter in Hong Kong, the rest was left up to Sarah!


Our Video

Thank you all for your well wishes and thoughts!! You've asked how he popped the question--and here it is!

Posted by Sarah Aboudara on Saturday, August 22, 2015

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