Sarah and Sam

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How We Met

Sam and I have known each other since we were kids. He is my older brother’s age and my cousin’s best friend and his younger brother have been a classmate and friend since kindergarten. I’ve had a HUGE crush on Sam since I was about 12, but he was always off limits since he was one of my older brother’s friends. Sam says he’s always had a crush on me too, but I was “forbidden” as the younger sister and cousin of his friends. We both moved to the Saint Petersburg area after graduating from our respective colleges and started hanging out in big groups with our friends and family. We were always drawn to each other and always flirting…the rest is history!

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how they asked

I usually work on Saturday’s, but weeks in advance Sam convinced me to take off for the long Labor Day weekend so that we could just relax and hang out. We recently moved into an apartment together, so we planned to get “fancy brunch” with his parents on Beach Drive in Saint Petersburg and have them over afterward to see our new place. He knows how much I love fashion and having a new outfit for any occasion-family brunch included-so he encouraged I go shopping the night before (something he never encourages…hmmm!) Saturday morning arrived and we got ready and headed a few blocks down to meet his parents who were “running late.” To stall, we took a walk through Pioneer Park, overlooking the gorgeous yachts on the water.

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As we started walking, he stopped, kissed my forehead and told me he’s wanted to ask me something for a while. I instantly burst into tears as he got down on one knee and asked me what would be the easiest question of my life. We embraced each other, smiling and crying. Eventually, I had to remind myself to look at the ring and when I did, I’m pretty sure I shouted “HOLY SH*T”-it was the most stunning thing I had ever seen. I then looked to my left and saw Shauna, our fabulous photographer friend snapping her camera away. She gifted us with a photo shoot after to celebrate our engagement–we were so happy our eyes were squinty the entire time!

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Afterward, Sam and I went back to our apartment where rose petals led to a bouquet of roses, champagne, a SWEET card that brought me to tears, and an empty photo album that would be our “next book” (we have made each other photo albums for the past two years). He cooked me breakfast and we just soaked in every second of the moment–and also put on the Office (how could we not?!) We’re probably the only two people who were so overwhelmed by the excitement of our engagement that we took a nap after LOL! He then told me we were getting lunch at the restaurant where we had our first date. When we arrived, our family and close friends were there to surprise me and celebrate with us–he discretely made sure I didn’t contact anyone so that we could tell everyone in person. It was so special.

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