Sarah and Ryan

Sarah and Ryan's Engagement in Pikes Peak, Colorado

How We Met

Like so many in our generation, Ryan and I met online. A few weeks after meeting I wound up hospitalized for several days. We live in Denver, over a thousand miles from family so I had no one to be with me while I was hospitalized. Ryan stepped up to the plate and not only came to the ER as soon as I called, but he stayed with me every night and took care of me after being released. I knew at this point I found myself a keeper! Our first date we was ice skating below the downtown Denver Clocktower. Five years later, we are getting married in the Clocktower that towered over our first date.

Proposal Ideas Pikes Peak, Colorado

how they asked

Ryan Nidey asked that we drive up Pikes Peak (a 14,000 ft mountain) as he’s climbed it but never driven up the road. We got down to Colorado Springs first thing in the morning and took our time driving up.

It was 40 MPH winds on the Summit so I went into the gift shop while Ryan said he wanted to look around for places to take photos (he’s a photographer). He came back inside and told me he found a spot which was in front of the overlook, adjacent to the old building remains.

We headed out there, he set up his camera on the tripod and said he wanted to get a few shots of us. What I didn’t know, while he was taking the first few initial pictures he was holding the ring behind my head. He was so sneaky! He then said he was going to check the pictures on the camera to see if they turned out well. He went to his camera, and came back to get more pictures, or so I thought. What I didn’t know at the time was he turned on the recording option. That’s when he proposed! ​We celebrated by going to a local brewery in Colorado Springs​. Our proposal was featured on our local news under their segment ‘The Most Colorado Thing We Saw Today.’

Our Video

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